Philips DVD Player with 1080p Upconvert & DIVX

I bought this at Costco for $40. They don’t come with a HDMI cable and don’t do all that a great job of upconversion.$35 and not even brand new? Don’t waste your money.

have one… love it. thinking about another

I bought this one new, works flawlessly, easily put into Region-Free mode, and the firmware is updatable as well. Hooked up with component cables on my LCD and never had a minute’s trouble out of it.

Despite what others say, this puts out an awesome image and it’s a perfect price. Buy one at $35 and wait till Blue Ray’s go down.

My 0.02

Depending on the DVD transfer, with the upconvert you can often get picture near the same quality of HD.

The silver trim I believe.


It plays DivX codec- anyone know if it plays other .avi files?

Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable? May I kindly point anybody who doesn’t already know to Monoprice for that.

I’d probably bite too if I needed another one, but since I keep missing out on the giant TVs here the new home theater is on hold…

Can the non-videophile such as myself tell the difference between a DVD with upconvert and blueray?

great player only has 2 drawbacks
#1 mine doesnt read HDDs, only jump drives
#2 it doesnt display the full name of w/e vids are on the jump drive.

this is bothersome if you add a season of a tv show. esp b.c it seemingly doesnt alphabetically organize

I’ve had this player for two months now. Plays more video formats off the USB drive than my other player, most notably WMV video. Absence of optical audio out is the only disappointment.

Only the model ending in ‘2’ is worth it. The model ending in ‘0’ has severe USB issues.

Neither has had more that one firmware update.

The model ending in ‘2’ will freeze occasionally usign 4x FFW, chaning FFW speeds, changing jog directions, pause-play too quickly, and more. Unfreezing requires power deprivation.

The model ending in ‘0’ is more annoying. But for $35 one can buy a new model ‘2’ from CostCo

That’s it? How silly. Should just make it the 5990/37BS.

You can pick if you click the “Want” button. One has a silver piece of trim, the other is all black. Otherwise they’re identical.

As far as the device itself, I recommend you all stay AWAY from Philips DVD players. They’re “upconverting” software is pathetic IMO. Yeah, I had one, it was returned less than 24 hours later. If you really want a device that thinks it can make decent 1080p from 480i, stick with a Sony or a Toshiba. The process itself is impossible voodoo since the source data simply isn’t there, but at least Sony/Toshiba made an effort with it.

Do you know if this qualify for the Square Trade warranty???

Stole my thunder! I was about to say the same thing. I have one and can play all regions of DVDs. Makes it nice when you buy BBC DVDs from the UK.

Both can be hacked to be all region -

I already own this one and it plays anything you throw at it. You can even play movies off a flash drive. HD not tested yet but looks good in standard.