Philips DVD Recorder with 1080p Upconversion and HDMI Out

seems pretty solid… i paid 50bucks at a local store about 6months ago for a simple dvd player that has a hdmi out. kinda lame

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Refurbished Philips DVD Recorder with 1080p Upconversion and HDMI Out, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips DVDR3475 DVD Recorder with 1080p Upconversion and HDMI Out

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Ok I know I need one of these but I keep missing them. Is this one worth it?

What about that analog / digital tuner thing? Got one or no?

No HDMI In, no purchase from me.

Is this a DVD player as well?

NTSC is the analog version.

Per the description, records in NTSC, but doesn’t have a tuner in it.

Yes, it is a dvd player, also.
Looks pretty good, but I already have enough electronics for now…

does this play regular dvds?
say I wanted to watch the office space dvd; would it play it on my hdtv?

No it only records, you need another dvd player to play back your recorded dvds.

J/K just read the description:

Playback Media: CD-R/CD-RW, Video CD/SVCD, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-Video

Its $90 direct from Philips outlet

I have a feeling a lot of wooters could actually recite most of Office Space…

The Philips DVD players I’ve had work for 12-18 months, then … not so good. So figuring $3 - 4/ month for a DVD recorder… I think I’ll take one.

Also, as far as Component or HDMI input, that’s not on the market in a new product from what I’ve seen- copyrights.

What do you need HDMI in for?

Found an review on Alatest. They liked it…,32/

Why the hell would it have a HDMI in? This isn’t a blu-ray. Wake up!!!

Not such a great review:

Walmart has it for $99.88 new, but it’s not sold online or in their stores. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

does it play divx moives??