Philips Entertainment System with iPod Dock and Wireless Subwoofer

uhhhh i cant believe this is what i stayed up for, i have enough ipod speaker systems!!! Heard this play before, sounded pretty good. the price seems lower than when i saw it.

First off, this sellout is on shirt.woot Secondly:

Does this dock work with any other MP3 players such as Zune?

Well, I see it is working. Seeing that I picked up 2 Sansas and 3 Zune 30s from you guys… no use for this item.

Have a nice evening!

144 on amazon. not a bad deal here! has pretty good review from customers! if i needed another ipod stereo ide so buy this! maybe even 3 but …

Is the sound from this very room filling?

A Review

"The Philips DC912 is a great looking system, and it performs well. I’ve been wanting a book shelf system for the master bedroom of my house, that complemented the environment, and this little guy does the job. It took about two weeks for the unit to arrive, and I was very excited to receive it, so I started googling it. What I found kinda scared me, as there is one REAL review of this product from a guy on cnet, and this guy just trashed the unit. I started to feel, I had made a bad choice.

After receiving the unit, I wasn’t disappointed. The unit looks great, and I would say the sound quality is on the upper-mid level of consumer products. It does everything it’s suppose to do.

This unit works well in my bedroom; however, there’s no way I’d try to use it for a large party. The sound fills my modest room well, but it’s not going to be the right unit to replace your home theater system.

There are a few things I wish philips would have incorporated into the DC912. For example, the clock is only visible when the unit is on standby, I wish it was displayed all the time. The alarm settings are very limited - one time for everyday. [you maybe able to use the iPods built in alarm clock to fix this] Mute is instant off, instant on - a fading up and down would be nicen. More control of the EQ, the presets are nice, and will work for most, but I wish I had the ability to adjust them to my liking.

I would recommend this unit to anyone who’s looking for a nice sound system, for a bedroom, foyer, or office. "

Maybe it’s secretly a picture of the sound system on a lovely American Apparel shirt! (Remember, order a size up, your music fits one size smaller than normal.)

There’s not much out there for a Froogle comparison.

does this work with the iphone 3G ???

I bought one when they were on here before. Sounds plenty good for a bedroom, and it looks nice mounted on the wall below a flat-panel TV. The subwoofer could be louder, but again, the setup isn’t meant to be a home theater replacement. The iPod dock works great with my iPod Touch, and it’s always charged when I need it which is cool. I also love that the unit has two AUX inputs, which allows me to run audio from my cable box and BluRay player through the system. Downsides? It’s not exactly a Bose Wave Radio in sound quality, and the remote is really, really poorly designed (and tiny, so it’s easily lost.) The radio doesn’t seem to pull in distant stations very well, either. Basically, you get what you pay for and then some. For $70, you won’t find more features on another unit.

from the age of the product my guess is no. the 3g uses usb to charge i bet this is firewire. you can still get music to play it just wont charge…

Compatibility specs from NewEgg:

iPod touch Compatible Yes
iPod classic Compatible Yes
iPod video Compatible Yes
3rd Gen iPod nano Compatible Yes
2nd Gen iPod nano Compatible Yes
1st Gen iPod nano Compatible Yes
iPod mini Compatible Yes
iPod Photo Compatible Yes

To anyone who has one of these - would you buy the Phillips again, or would you go with something like the Griffin Amplifi (can be found on sale for around the same price at times, and I was considering until I saw this on sellout.woot).
Thanks in advance.

Technically, yes it will play music from your Zune or another outside source. But you can’t simply hook the Zune up to the dock as it’s an iPod style connection. This system does however have an auxiliary input you could connect to your Zune. As the description mentions, you can also connect a USB drive or insert an SD card to listen to.

Aww snap, I bought this exact thingy on woot about two months ago…and it’s awesome! I use it for my iPhone, which still works. I guess the only gripe could be is if you have the iPhone be sure to put it in airplane mode to remove the weird feedback. It charges everything too and has different size docks for different size models. I wish I got it at this price but it’s been great for the two months I’ve had it so no complaining. Great buy, I highly recommend it

Wow, the huffing paint thing in the product descript section seemed rather edgy, even for Woot!

Here’s the manufacturer’s page.

And a link directly to the manual.

Also, I saw a question about the sound quality, I guess I should have been specific in my post why its awesome. Got it for my dorm room and it bumped my room and the adjoining rooms and down the hall with my door close you could still hear it(given nobody else was playing music). Also, the subwoofer says it can be place like 5 feet but now I have it at home and I think it is at a 7-8 foot distance and no dropping out of signal. It rocks the house too like it did the dorm.

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New Philips Entertainment System with iPod Dock and Wireless Subwoofer, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips DC912/37 100W Sound System w/USB Direct, SD/MMC, FM tuner, iPod Dock & Wireless Subwoofer

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