Philips Entertainment System with iPod Dock and Wireless Subwoofer

Yeah, I was wondering if there was an inside joke or pop culture reference I was missing here.

So I take it that this unit is compatible with the iPod touch 1G and not the iPod Touch 2G? I have noticed this being an issue on other units.

This thing is great. I bought one for $89.99 at regular Woot about a month ago. I’d get another but I am trying to show some restraint.

No kidding. Need to woot one for Zune!

I’m waiting for an answer to this before I pull the trigger… Anyone?

Why does the description say that it charges an iPhone?

Also, I thought I read a while back that the new iPhone OS 3.0 would allow users to charge there iPhone on older systems that do not support charging of the iPhone 3G.

I purchased this a couple of months ago off of Woot. Works great for what I need it to do. My wife loves the option of being able to add a usb device…we have tons of music on external hardrives.

anyone know if this is compatible with an ipod touch 2G?

I don’t have one of the Philips DC912/37. I do have a Griffin Amplifi, and have been very happy with it. It is a good unit for its price range and can fill a room easily(even during a party). Thanks Woot! However it is becoming outdated quickly as they release new iPods. For example, it will not charge newer iPods.

Things that look interesting about this system vs. the Griffin include:

  1. USB Direct and SD/MMC card slots (nice if your friends want to bring over some music)

  2. You can change the display orientation (you can not do this on the Griffin Amplifi since it is a top load unit and was not really designed for the newer iPods. However this has not been a problem.)

  3. Wireless Sub woofer (Nice if you want to space out the music. I wonder if it has a noticeable delay. I also wonder if you have more than one (i.e. 3), can 3 sub woofers pick up the same signal simultaneously?)

Does anyone know if this has a headphone jack? Would be good for use in the office.

Does anyone know if this hooks up to a tv/dvd player? If so, how does it sound?

Does anyone know for sure if it works with iPhone 3G AND CHARGES while it plays?

The wife would like this, but she has an Ipod Touch 2nd Gen. It has already been asked, but not answered yet, so I will reemphasize the question:

Does this work with the iPod Touch 2nd Generation?

If this had HDMI I’d be in. I think everything should come with HDMI now adays. VCR, DVD, Blu-Ray, Sat, DVD Recorder, iPod, Cell phone, Laptop, toaster, refrigerator…You get the idea. I could connect my house even. Then have one great big wireless remote that controls all, with an HDMI input.


repost durrr

Sorry, I’m on my iPhone now so I can’t post direct links. If you go to the above link to the product page and click support, you get to a FAQ page. Type in “iPhone” to search and a single FAQ comes up saying to ignore the incompatible message that comes up on your phone when you plug it in. Does this answer our charging question? No. But it gives me hope (I want it to play/charge my 3G so bad). Someone out there must be able to dig up some more info!

Works fine with the iPod Touch 2nd Generation…I purchased one of these a few months back on Woot and my wife and I love it.

RE: headphone jack??
YES, it’s called an iPod :stuck_out_tongue: