Philips Entertainment System with iPod Dock and Wireless Subwoofer

Does your iPod not have one?

Does anyone know if this recharges Touch Gen 2?

You might try asking dejasdad, he said he has one with a Touch Gen 2…he said it works great, but did not specifically say if it charged it or not.

dejasdad, can you tell us if this charges the Ipod Touch 2g, or only plays it. THANKS!

It charges your iPod as it plays.
For more info, check out Amazon

I think the question is more in line with, ‘does it have a headphone jack’ so that it could also be used with the USB or SD slots, therefore taking the iPod itself out of the picture.

From everything I’ve seen, no, it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

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It definitely does have a headphone jack! In fact if you look at the pictures of the back of the unit, it has TWO HEADPHONE JACKS!

Nope, those are AUX IN-1 and AUX IN-2.


will it work with 4th generation nanos? probably stupid to ask now. already ordered it haha.

Thanks, beat me to it. They even say, “Aux In-1 and Aux In-2” on them! So yeah, go ahead and plug your headphones in there. Enjoy the sweet sound of silence!

Just to note: Quick lesson - In means the sound goes in. Out means the sound comes out. Strange that way, huh?

My first woot, er, or sellout.
in for 1
looked at a lot of reviews, and for the price looks like you can’t beat it

Shipping Update

Philips Entertainment System with iPod Dock has completely shipped via FEDEX Ground. All tracking will be emailed tomorrow morning to members who purchased this item. If you would like to find your tracking information sooner, please click the following link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number:


got mine today.

sounds pretty solid, and the “ipod touch” adaptor worked for my 3G iPhone. I was hoping it would.

BUT my subwoofer does not work. I tried both included power cords and the blue LED on the sub did not light up, thus i was not able to pair it with the main piece.

hopefully phillips provides an easy remedy. overall- good stuff.

To the above posters-
*cant say about your 2G touch, but it was charging my 3G iphone

*no headphone jack, it has those 2 aux inputs and includes an aux extension cable

This unit died in 10 months. Will not turn on. Power converter is OK. Junk.