Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Bit Pricy although you are saving about $120 buks. Cool product

Is the iPad on the picture saying Not Charging?

There’s some mighty stiff competition in this market. For $195, this had better sound like the London Philharmonic.

hmmm… I’m sure them are some fancy, good-quality speakers, but the $99 spent on my apple tv let me to do a whole lot more with my iPad

Getting a “server too crappy” message, guess everyone and their grandma wants this thing haha.

I’m pretty sure this is the one that didn’t work with my Otter Box case on my iPhone. Can someone confirm?

Love how fails, but those using wootalyzer can get right on in @

Also, at this price point, prepare for the complaints about lack of separation and/or surround. Personally, I don’t mind as long as the fidelity is there, but not everyone feels this way.

Is it possible that no one will woot at this price?

I think today’s deal is geared toward those who wooted yesterday and/or received the iPhone in their Christmas Day Bag Of Coal.

This would make my iPad look like Dumbo (i.e., with big ears).

Does have an expression for “pricey”?

I’m sorry to offend anyone who is a huge apple fan, but I take my $25 Sansa and plug it into my $40 wall mounted CD player:

using a $2 audio patch cable I got off of Amazon and the entire combo works great.

I know Apple has all sorts of bells and whistles that my hacked together sound system will never have, but considering my total cost is still under $100, I think I’m still ahead.

I would have seriously considered this woot if Philips had integrated video out ports so I can hook up a projector or something.

RIDICULOUS! our country has made an entire culture out of iDevices. the ludicrosity of spending almost as much money as an actual ipod for a device meant to play the music from it is piling materialism on materialism on materialism on capitalism. insane. can you really not be happy with a $50 dollar pair, or better yet buy yourself a nice stereo system with bells and whistles for $200-$300 then get a 3.5mm dubbing cable. to spend so much money on a support product built out of advertising to a public thirsty for the word iSomethingoranother is nauseating, and a sad omen of the direction our society is headed in.

/steps off soapbox.

Kind of pricey. Robot Betty9 and I will stick to $20. headphones.

Comparison shopping anyone?

Nothing works with an Otterbox case, except the original apple connector cable. Trust me, I’ve looked! Everything is too large for Otterbox

Or it’s a positive omen as in that we have increased the GDP/person to the point where the “everyman” can afford a $180 pair of speakers for his/her iPod. There are only a few countries on the entire planet that have an economy where this sort of thing is possible. Could you even imagine an Iranian or Botwasaian purchasing such a thing? I think not. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we even have the option to buy such a thing, economically speaking, that is.

Dear Woot, it would nice to see another item under $50 in the near future. Love, hydrotheace