Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers for iPad, iPhone and iPod


Another one of these?

I think I can safely go to bed now.

The guys in the woot warehouse must sell these to woot, because there is just no reason to have all of these, unless every aisle has its own theme song. Which is how I imagine the woot warehouse to be.

Well Woot, considering the ipad2 just came out, you could in fact bear to part with your ipad. I’d be happy to take it off your hands for the cost of shipping :slight_smile:

Its been what, a half dozen items since the last ipod speaker crap? Awesomesauce…

160? H*LL NO! lol go to good will!

May I ask what in the world the Jass and Classis settings might be for? Is it a typo for Jazz and Classical?

bed time :frowning:

That’s just some Classi typos.

You don’t like the jazz music? I am racing car driver from formula OOOUUUUUU.

The Woot-off updates faster on my Android tablet then it does on my Hi-Speed Internet PC. About 90 seconds faster …

Sooooo…about this…

Yes I am new here, now can I have the ipad too?

everything so far has made me really sad. Didnt Woot used to love the Sansa stuff? Amazon takes over and its iCrap crap all the time. Oh how I miss the “old” days…