Philips Foldable HDMI Adapter w/24k Gold Plating

Thats actually kinda useful

what is this?

i wonder if i can melt this down to make a set of “grillz”

If i buy 3 will i be rich?

in case your hdmi cable is in a tight space or wont bend with out snapping or damaging

These came in handy, no more awkwardly bent cables coming from the TV.

wut?!? not sold out yet?!?

I’ll steal the last 3 k thx

that was fast

Woah, woah. Back up. $1.99? Everyone knows that it needs to cost at LEAST $50 for it to be a real HDMI item!

Its an adapter not a cord. Plug the HDMI in one end and plug the other into w/e.

These are going behind every TV I own.

my bro in law bought 2 from monoprice for $2-something a piece along with some hdmi cables for a total of $18 shipped. is the shiz