Philips FWP3200D Mini Hi-Fi System

Philips FWP3200D Mini Hi-Fi System

Seeing this for like $179 on the mothership influenced me plus my JBL Bluetooth speaker is getting old. Also I always wanted to be a DJ :innocent:

Way to outdated. Pass

Looks like a spider, and doesn’t run on batteries.

Lucky for me I hung on to many outdated devices

Whaaaa? Too outdated - What U Talk’n 'bout, Willis? - this thing has an FM tuner… WITH 20 pre-set memory!!! ZOMG.
But wait, get this - “complete file transferability” that let’s your music stay on your device, no on board storage at all except a small bit of RAM that can only be accessed by iOS devices.

Is this an Autobot or Decepticon? I can’t find the emblem.

If you see some of the videos on YouTube, it seems like an interesting setup, but it has been around in some form since at least 2012. The DJ “scratching” is actually through the software on the iPhone itself (yes, only iPhone). It has a plugin for headphones with a toggle switch to change from one input to the other and has a fade in/out to switch the sound from one device to the other.

That’s where it lost me. I refuse to buy iStuff. It’s too egocentric me and myself feel left out.

IPhone 4?!?!?!

No BlueTooth?!?!?!

I would give ya 5 bucks for it!

Yeah, I’ve never been an Apple fan of any kind.

It finally arrived and after a few hours of playing around with it I noticed the right handle already coming apart from the main box. Seems to be undersized in supporting the weight of the entire sound system. Overall sounds great with lots of bass and crossfader feature works great. Have yet to connect a microphone to it.