Philips Gemini 150 Watt Power Inverter with 2 AC Outlets

got one…lasted about an hour…then it fried.

I have something similar to this. It works amazing in my car. If you ever need power in the car and don’t have an outlet, these things come in very handy.

Camping season is just around the corner - I’m in for two.

Can somebody put this in perspective? Could it run two laptops at once? What about a laptop and an all-in-one printer?

Apparently there is no web site for this

Have one of these, it works fine, but the tiny 20(?)mm fans are LOUD when you’ve got it under load, not a huge thing, just don’t expect them to be silent.

Edit: my bad, wrong model, mine’s a 300w, doesn’t look like this one has the fans.

150 watts? Great! I’ve been wondering how to power that AC calculator in the truck! PASS

Looks like a good deal for what it is, only it doesn’t have a USB port, so a good portion of my devices would remain unpowered.


Walmart: $12.73 for 1 outlet model (not available)

This is the best I can find so far.

Edit: I think this is the same model at ebay Canada for $14 but over $14 shipping:

I can find other Gemini converters for other power levels easier.

I received one in a B_0_C. It was great for my laptop for long trips. Still use it a year and a half later.

Most laptop AC adapters are rated 60-65 watts, and the typical laptop actually only draws 30-40 watts continuous, so you could definitely power two laptops with this.

Probably not the all-in-one printer though, but I’m not as certain on that one.

I think most inverters are pretty noisy. I’ve got one, and please do not ask me to run out to my car to tell you who made it, 'cause I can’t remember, and the fan buzzes like mad UNTIL you run it for a minute, shut it off, turn it on/off/on/off, and then the fan runs loud and windy, not like a thousand mutant bees thirsting for my blood as they power my computer.

Again, that is my inverter, not this one.

here is the forum over at

I have run two laptops off of it at once.

It’s funny how they include two grounded outlets at 150 watts since I can’t think of any of my low powered gadgets needing 3 prongs.

I picked on up as a backup for my other inverter. A $12 investment is worth it.

I’m on the fence with this one…

I’m thinking of of using it to plug in a a vacuum cleaner.

Nearly all laptop AC adapters have 3 prongs.

all you would need is one of these to fix that