Philips GoGear 2GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner



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Meh. Not worth it. The Rio Carbon one had a better “bang for your buck,” albeit it lacked an FM tuner.


I’m confused by the description. Does this play DRM-protected music, such as that from a Napster to Go subscription?


Hey everyone, it’s been a while. My laptop kinda died on my, and I really need to get it replaced. Hey, anyone want to donate to the cause? :slight_smile:

Froogle Link Minimum Price $59.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $59.95

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $80.49

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all comparison site listings for this woot are on the blog… the full update will happen shortly… for now, the quick link list is gonna have to do… i promise it’ll be updated within 30 though


I’m sorry, but I’m almost ready to give up on woot!

What happened to all the cool stuff that I wish I would have bought when I had a chance? Deals aren’t really that hot anymore, everything seems to be refurbished most of the time, and the items are generally pretty boring.

This one isn’t a BAD deal, per say… but not worth my money.


Lets say I had a hdd from my dead Dell DJ 20. Would I be able to swap out hard drives?


Gah 2G hard disk, flash pls.


[]( GoGear 2GB&tag=feerite-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325) price


nothin special, other than cheap, hard disk - not flash, integrated battery with short life… but has voice record, next


If only it wasn’t r3furbished. :-/ Then I’d very seriously consider.


How about a review? I’m tempted to get one… I lost the iRiver I bought off woot and the iPod shuffle isn’t cutting it.


No, it doesn’t play DRM protected music. THe description references Steve Jobs’ recent post at about how he wished they would do away with DRM.


I’ve had this Mp3 player for over a year and half now and I love it. I bought it on Black Friday in 2005 at Wal-Mart for $100. Sometimes it will freeze, but its easy to reset and there is no information lost. I’ve had 150 songs on it and still haven’t run out of space. I would definitely recommend this to the college student or person that doesn’t buy into the Apple movement.

I think this comes with a good plastic case too which makes sure it can be dropped a few times…like mine has.


Sorry, this one is intense in its lameness. Who the hell would put a hard drive in an MP3 player with only 2GB capacity? This is the worst of both worlds (Flash memory’s small capacity, with the sensitivity of a hard drive). And refurb, at that.

So many better players for that kinda money.


Not a bad little dude… Won’t hold a candle to my 30 gig iPod, but my kid will enjoy it just the same!



Based on the description, I get the feeling that it only plays non-DRM -protected music; i.e. tracks you rip from audio cds or made yourself.


I had an older model of one of these. It was my first Mp3 player, it broke within about 2 weeks. Lotta software glitches. Played OK music while it worked tho. You’re better off actully buying something like an iriver h10 or one of the creative zens you’ve seen during a woot-off. Iriver 20gb h10’s are selling for around 75 on ebay, you’re much better off paying the extra 30 some odd dollars and getting a higher quality machine. Plus the extra 18 gig’s isn’t bad either.


Why would you want your music to contain DRM? Just remove it and use your files the way you want to.