Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light

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Bought one of these from Amazon a few months ago for a lot more than the Woot price. Works great and I like it better than the previous version.

Probably the best portable unit out there (battery powered). Works for SAD.

Only weakness is the stand which is plastic. Old model had a metal post thingee.

Nice buy for $99.

I know my birthday is not until August but I want this soooo bad! If anyone is feeling generous, I’ll be forever greatful!

^^This. My birthday is in August, too. :slight_smile:

Is there any real evidence that these things work? I am sure they will sell well in CA as the sales stats already show, but does it work?

Or, am I better off going to Colorado and firing up the peace pipe?

So how long until Amazon kills Woot!? 6 replies in 52 mins?

For those of us in the mental health community, it’s been known for decades that these are affective. Recent research says that using this regularly is as affective as a dose of an anti-depressant. Or you could go to CA or CO and get some Sun. But if you winter over in a state with gunmetal gray skies, this is for you!

And what exactly is this magic light supposed to do?

Oh man, I’m sorry, but it sounds like you work PR. First, the word is “effective.” The distinction between “affect” and “effect” is important for actual mental health professionals. Second, what “recent research?” Just that phrase is typical infomercial jargon; prove your own point. Third, you end your post with a generic sales pitch. You appeal to the scepticism of the potential buyer, but then you shift expectations away from the original question. You claim it is a given to require your product if you do not live in a sunny state.

I actually bothered to use google and came up with this research (9 years old, which isn’t exactly recent, but good enough):

They are effective, this is known and the scholarship isn’t recent because the debate is over.

Wow, some of you folks need to get these lights right away and drop the aggression levels a notch or two.
Anyway, these lights have been shown in many studies over the past 20 years to be helpful for some people. Key words there are “helpful for some people”.
If you’re the sort of person who gets the blues every winter, or you always take a vacation somewhere sunny in January because you’re fed up with gray skies, you might be more likely to appreciate using one of these lights.
Wait, is that “gray” or “grey”?

These things are GREAT … for those who have $100 to waste on yet another useless gadget.

These work primarily for Seasonal Affective DIsorder and sleep phase disorders when used correctly. But that’s no guarantee - every treatment does not work for every person. In any case, cannabis is not a good long-term treatment for either disorder.

What’s wrong with gunmetal gray skies? Never had an issue. Now if this gadget would help me with my binge eating disorder, now we’re talking. Is there any help available today? I tried not eating, but it’s just too damn hard.

I’m missing the link to the late-night infomercial.

Seems like conanthelibrarian is slacking again.

Can anyone point me to the research…? Something done by anyone other than the manufacturer?

What happens when people are subjected to a nice green light. Something pretty in pink? Why is this any different from a small bank of $2 daylight light bulbs with a sheet of blue gel on them?

A hundred bucks ON SALE needs a better affirmation than IT WORKED FOR ME, SO IT MUST BE GREAT.

Don’t know if this help

Ohh, it works. All you need is to sprinkle a bit of Fairy Dust on the light before you turn it on. And by happy coincidence, I have bags of Fairy Dust available for only $29.95. Lucky you…