Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light

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Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Check out the product page

This price is less than half the price currently on Amazon. Here’s a link to the product page with reviews. 91% of reviewers on this page rated the product with 4 or 5 stars. (No, I don’t work for Phillips.)

I bought the first model Philips BLU several years back now. I paid 3x this price for it. That model has less options but was well worth it. This model will be well worth it.

I am a bit confused though, like most others are surely… You put (travel pouch) in parenthesis. Are you just selling the pouch? The story talks about calling Philips. Please tell me you include the light and adapter as well? LOL

Any reviews or prior experiences with this? Does it really work?

thinks no shipping to Alaska of light to help when there’s little sunshine is just not right.

What? You have 24 hours of sunlight now.

Does as anyone know if blue light therapy increases the risk of age related macular degeneration?

The risk of macular generation peaks at 440nm and these lights likely peak at 450nm.

I’m sorry but we no longer ship to AK & HI. Updated FAQ

I found the post below online at skeptics.stackexchange and I am not sure of it’s accuracy – but it might be good news if the peak wavelength is above 460nm. What I know is that I have a GoLite on my desk and even though think it worked well at keeping me awake and alert – I don’t use it often because I am concerned it might harm my eyes (macular degeneration). When I do use the light, I only use it before noon (to prevent sleep problems), I use it as directed (at chest height a few feet away), I use it on the lowest setting andfor no more then 45 minutes. Here is the posting.

"A typical blue light therapy product such as the Philips goLITE is advertised as having the wavelength 460-485 nm, with an indicated peak wavelength of 468 nm ± 8 nm. While even exposure to normal daylight [1] increases the risk of such degeneration, blue light [2] is most likely to do this. Lipofuscin [2] and chronic inflammation [3] play roles. As far as I could tell, while the risk is still theoretical and not definitively proven in humans, it may very well exist. [2]

This affects older people more, as they are unable to prevent or repair everyday macular damage as younger people can. [2][6] There exist numerous controllable factors for macular degeneration and lipofuscin. Read the associated Wikipedia articles.

Persons with lighter eyes might be at a higher risk due to their limited melanin. I say “might” because they may require less therapeutic blue light to begin with than their dark eyed peers, potentially canceling the effect of eye color."

What is not included? A Power Ring? what is that?

The Rings of Power were twenty magical rings forged in the Second Age, intended by Sauron to seduce the rulers of Middle-earth to evil. Nineteen of these rings were made by the elven-smiths of Eregion, led by Celebrimbor. These were grouped into three rings for the Elves, seven rings for the Dwarves, and nine rings for men. One additional ring, the One Ring, was forged by Sauron himself at Mount Doom.
Hope that helps

It’s something from the weird brain of a woot writer.

the little thumbnail makes the light look like it has a little .__. face with a big blue forehead. i almost bought it just for the cuteness factor as i have no use for such a light. alas, my eyes tricked me.

I have the previous/previous/previous model, the Apollo Health goLite P2. And it still works great. I’m sure they have only made the light better over time. There’s also an iPhone app that tells you when to use the light, and helps you tune the length of time that you use it.

I have probably experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) my whole life, my mood, motivation, and energy level changed with the seasons (amount of sunlight), and this light is a life saver for me. It really helps.

So, if I understand this product correctly, pointing a bright light at my face will make me feel better. Tell that to your friendly neighborhood police interrogator.

What is a power “ring”? Is it the power cord???

Different kind of light. :tongue: