Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light

**Item: **Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light
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Soluid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

I bought one of these when they showed up on Woot a couple weeks ago. It seems to work as advertised. Makes me feel more smiley and energized. Problem is the only time I have the time to use it is in the evening when I don’t want to be energized. Otherwise, much to my amazement, it does seem to be as claimed.

Be Careful - Blue light can be harmful to the retina. This is probably not that intense to cause damage, but consult your Retinologist before using this device.

Simply snake oil. I guess you can sell anything nowadays and people will buy into it. Talked to doctor about it and he just smiled and said if you want to believe it works then…okay. LOL.

It’s called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder and for many people, it’s a real thing. Taking vitamin D in the winter helps if you can’t get at least 15 minutes outside in the sunshine each day. Here’s a link from the Mayo Clinic.

“consult your Retinoligist”…seriously?

I don’t know anybody who has a Retinoligist. Maybe “consult a Retinoligist”?


Actually it’s a recognized treatment. You and your doc may want to look at the research literature

Recognized proven treatment for about thirty years. Your doctor is pretty stupid.

Except when you read the negative reviews there you see that the lux isn’t high enough to do any good and there is some concern about eye damage with the kind of light they are using. There also seems to be crappy customer service and the battery pack seems to have a frequent problems.

Yes light therapy works, but the lux has to be high enough and with this unit it is not.

I had one until we went spelunking one weekend. I never did hear from or see her again…Can someone recommend a good one?

As a sufferer of SAD I use this light for travel and to keep at my desk.
I have a big super powerful one at home for daily use, but this one is great when I’m on the road or for a lunch time pick me up.

Be careful about using it at night, it can cause sleep problems.
I sit under one for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at lunch and don’t use it after 1pm.

It’s interesting and entertaining to read everyone’s opinions about whether light therapy’s effects are real, a placebo effect, or snake oil.

The Mayo Clinic is pretty matter-of-fact in its assessment that this is a “proven seasonal affective disorder treatment” and may be useful for other conditions as well:

Look at the ratio:

5 -78
4 -26
3 -12
2 -14
1 -4

You will ALWAYS have some lemons in a product. The ratio is pretty good and Philips is a solid brand.

So what IS high enough? (forgive my lack of research)

Looks like they’re selling an arseload of these in the Pacific Northwest.

I have a retinal specialist. I also have a retinal problem that affects about 1/10,000,000 people worldwide.