Philips HDMI Foldable Adapter – 2 Pack

Female to Female works for me

And of course they couldn’t include the option for one of each…

Here’s the product website and a leaflet for common questions about these products.

What is the point of the male to female?

It’s really nice that they’re bendy.

I wish these were foldable USB Adapters or foldable DVI Adapters. I have no use of HDMI cables due to the fact that I have no uber home stereo.

I had one of these for some TOSLink cables and they’re awesome for working behind large entertainment centers in tight spaces.

link if you’re interested in the same and working with a separate digital audio signal:

So if your HDMI port is hard to reach, you plug one of these in the port, bend it, and viola your port is no longer hard to reach.

I have a dishnetwork box then when ever i plug in my 50ft hdmi cable it locks up. Even if I don’t have the other end hooked up. Tech said that it was too long but when i hook it up to a dvd play or any other device it works fine. When i plug in any other hdmi cable to the back of the dish box it also works fine. I wounder if I could hook up a 3 foot then my 50 ft if it would work? It does say for only 30 feet. Thoughts? Is it work the $8 to give it a try?

I could hook up two 25ft hdmi cable but i think the 50ft is in the wall cause it work with my older dish box but not with the new one I got. Go figure

So $9 to not have to reach your hand 90 degrees around a corner? But, even then you have to do it at least once to plug in the adapter. How often do you plug and unplug your hdmi cable from the tv itself anyway?

So could I link the 2 12-foot HDMI cables I wooted ( together to make one super-sized HDMI cable? Or would I experience data loss?

You can get your TV a little closer to the wall without putting strain on the cable.

I don’t even own any HDMI electronics yet, but these are worth picking up because I’ll upgrade eventually… and at that point I know I’ll be glad I have these. HDMI’s becoming standard on both video and computers so these will be really handy. And aside from making the connections more convenient, I suspect they’ll save wear and tear on the cables and ports themselves, too.

The manufacturer’s sites

The male-to-female seems useful to create the 90 degree change of the port. This is not for ease of plugging it in, it is so that you make a clean 90 in about 1", rather than have a stiff HDMI cable take about 2-3" to make a clean 90 bend. This would help for wall-mounting applications where you want it as close to the wall as possible. At least that is what I am assuming makes this useful. I use a TV stand personally.

It’s more about being able to position the cable in whatever angle you need to reduce the stress in both the cable and the actual port.

True Story: I connected an HDMI cable to my TV once and when it was moved by my girlfriend (who forgot to unplug the cable) the actual HDMI port on the TV was broken beyond repair. This adapter would have prevented that accident.

Count me in for a set.

The real reason for the male–female adapter is to relieve strain on cables and connectors, which makes them last longer (it basically eliminates strain on the cable by allowing it to hang vertically without bending, and also reduces strain on the HDMI port to a lesser extent, by shortening the lever arm and thus reducing torque).

The important question is, can they bend 90° in either direction, or only one way? Not all HDTVs have the ports oriented in the same direction. (And if yours has them oriented longitudinally, you’re just SOL.)

Before anyone asks, gold-plated connectors do cut down on signal loss. Yes, HDMI carries a digital signal, but it’s not “all or none,” as some people think. A certain percentage of those 0’s and 1’s don’t make it through a cheap connection, which can cause dropouts (audio and video).

I’m mounting my new tv this weekend. I’ll bite on the M2F action to make my cables easier to plug in.
P.S. Giggity.