Philips HDMI Foldable Adapter – 2 Pack


these are great for wall mounted tvs if you have [don’t call people names] to bend hdmi cables

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No option for one of each? Just egging me on to be in for two?

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The male to female works great with wall mounted flatscreen HDTVs… you can easily run your cords behind the screen…

does anyone know if these will form a choke point? In other words, if i string a couple cords together, will it reduce my signal?

Info from Philips

Product website

When you select that you want 3, you get a drop down box for each to select the pair you want. I got 2 M/F and 1 FF.

Female to Female acts as an HDMI extension. Very useful.


Either way, these devices provide hot mating action at an astonishingly low price. Keep a few in the car, because you never know when you will meet a new friend with a killer home theater that is one HDMI adapter too short.

This might be a stupid question but: Can using one of these result in any quality loss?

I bought a couple of the male-female adapters last time they were on woot. You can bend them 180 degrees. I’ve got two hooked up to the LCD and the xbox360 that I have snugged against the wall.

Wow, something for everybody. Maybe these will make my lesbian neighbors more willing to adapt… no I am not a cable sexist. This… I promise.

Shipping costs twice the price of product. Hmm…

cheaper male to female version due to shipping:

Buy 3 packs (total of 6).

No Male to Male adaptors on woot…wonder if they are just useless or if there is a greater scheme of prejudice. But the female to female is about 20 through 3rd party on amazon.
But couldn’t find the male to female…but seems like a good deal.

Handy, cheap, in for 2.