Philips Home Theater

Wow, this soundbar has pretty much glowing reviews.

I bought 40PFL4706 40" 1080p LED HDTV with NetTV at a previous event and although a decent TV I would recommend you to skip and look at Samsung or LG smart TVs. This particular model is extremely slow, powering on takes 10-15 sec, WI-FI strength is pretty low and that forces streaming apps like Netflix to downsample or stutter while buffering contents.

DLNA support is outdated, able to stream only MP4 and even that failed on my system without much of a descriptive error while Samsung older generation of TVs with DLNA support (before SmartTV) streams AVI, MKV, AAC and h.264 w/o any issues.

A remote came with some buttons smudged and unreadable.

There doesn’t seem to be much information or review about the Cinematik AV1000.

Is this a Philips product?

Yeah I am in the market for a new TV stand, my walmart one is bowing, I cant buy a new one without reviews as to whether or not this too will bow. Woot, can you put a 75 pound television with its weight concentrated in the center of that stand and report back to me in a week if any bowing has occured?

EDIT: This thing is only 40-something inches wide? Thats nowhere near good enough for a a 70 pound 60" tv. It might be able to support 100 pounds of ancient tv, but the weight distribution of the 60" will probably bow the center prett fast, especially given the terrible architecture of a plain square

11 days still has not shipped! WTF!

Healy can eat shit

Any idea what’s happening with this? Still not shipped :frowning:

I emailed them a few days ago and enquired. Support replied that there were issues getting the order out.

I’ve been emailing and Woot said they’re having a difficult time getting tracking info from distributor. Really hope we don’t miss out on this due to some distributor dropping the ball :frowning:

The item i bought last march 23, hasnt been shipped yet too but when i emailed the support team they said otherwise. You guys having the same problem?

I know that when I ordered my TV it was shipped by an external company. I coordinated through them. Woot was mostly removed from that process. Perhaps this is the same situation?

My soundbar from May 14th shipped yesterday, finally :slight_smile:


The TV took forever to ship.

When it arrived the remote and power cord were missing, and no manual. I contacted IBM-Philips customer care, and it took 3 phone calls and emailing my woot receipt to get them to send out replacement parts in 10-15 days (I still haven’t gotten them).

The TV condition was refurbished; but they neglected to mention that the plastic bezel had scruff marks all around.

It was a cheap scratched up TV, and but I won’t be buying any more high ticket items from woot.

I bought the 5.1 Philips HTS3541/F7B to replace an older Philips model that finally died after 7 years of service.

Finally received it yesterday, and got it installed last night. Wow, am I disappointed. At it’s maximum volume, it is barely loud enough to hear dialogue. It is significantly quieter, at max volume, than my TV at about 50% volume. I don’t know if I got a bum unit, or if it isn’t quite set up right, but playing video from an Xbox using stereo RCA inputs is just miserable. I switched to optical inputs and it was slightly louder, but still hard to hear soft dialogue.

Did anyone else have these issues with it?