Philips Home Theater

seems like a ridiculous deal for a 5.1 system…does anyone have personal experience with these?

and to clarify, the system itself is wifi but the speakers are not wireless right?

I used to have an older model of this that I bought at walmart for $200 I recall. I purchased it in 2007 and used it more or less every day. My power went out about a month ago and now the receiver no longer turns on. It got a solid 6 years of heavy use. The speakers look a little different than these one, but the sound quality was good for the price.

how big was the room that you used this in? i’m a bit iffy about it having only 300W

I remember finding a blu-ray player under $100 was a bargain. This is just a stupid good deal. I may pick 1 up just for ipod playback in a spare room.

It was in a large master bedroom. Probably 16’x20’

I bought this system less then 30 days ago I Luv it. I to thought it was to good to be true
No problems yet we used it everyday.