Philips Home Theater

I bought this one a while back. Sound is good but the remote really lags with the box and often the box doesn’t resond to the remote. But, Hey, this price is really good and I like the ability to do Netflix.

You bought “which” one awhile back? Please be more specific, so that we can know which item you’re referencing.

So torn between the 40" and 39". Trying to weigh the benefits of each one before they sell out.

I have the CSS2123 soundbar. Bought it at Target for $79.99 new. It’s the best small soundbar for the money in my opinion. Sound quality is solid, while not audiophile quality by any stretch it is decent for a small to medium room. The virtual surround is good too. It also has good selection of audio inputs (optical, coaxial digital, RCA, and a 3.5mm), as well as being compact and sleek. Way better than your TV’s speakers.

Bass is probably the biggest downside. While not horrible, it could use a little more punch.

Do you need a receiver, or do the speakers hook up directly to the bluray player?

I bought the 300 watt blue-ray nightmare box about a year ago from woot. It was a bad experience. It took a long time to load like an old PC when navigating BR menus. The the “apps” were not intuitive at all and the remote is terrible. The “new” unit I got had scuffed speakers with light scratches on their otherwise beautiful finish. I returned the box successfully because the LED status display was only at 1/4 brightness max. So they were nice to me and sent another unit before I sent back mine (for free). When I got it and lifted it up out of the box there was a screw loose (or something) jiggling inside the head unit. I traded it for something else and plugged in my old phillips 1,000 watt dvd player I bought from woot about 3 years ago. I recommend the DVD box system, I mostly use the “optical in” selection with my DVR, I discovered the joys of Surround Sound TV, anything new is amazingly broadcast in surround and optical is the only way to use it. Funny thing is we watch recorded movies in HD with surround, so hardly use the DVD, although it’s perfectly fine.

Amp is built in to these players, unlike most. Connect other HDMI sources directly to your TV, and audio is routed back to amp via HDMI audio return channel.

I apologize but I don’t understand how this can use an “HDMI audio return channel” when it doesn’t have HDMI. Do all TVs do this? Does this work using the optical connector OR the RCA connectors or both?

EDIT: OH I see this discussion is for everything in Philips Home Theater, and I was looking only at the soundbar.

Did anyone buy the 29” 720p 120Hz PMR LED HDTV with NetTV" besides me? And if so, have you heard anything about it shipping or a tracking number?
I’ve written to customer service, but they seem to be avoiding me…
Just curious.

Yeah, this deal has been over for awhile. If you haven’t seen any action on your shipping update, please email into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to help answer any questions about your order.

I’ve tried that twice and no replies. Wondering is there is something wrong and they don’t want to reveal it…

Hello Woot,

I just received my Philips 29" TV and I noticed an issue with the corner of the screen. Bright light line in the corner.

What’s next? Do I work with Woot Customer Service or do I have to contact Philips? I’d hope a warranty covers initial issues like this.


Unless the television was damaged in transit, we recommend that you contact Phillips Customer Service Support to see if they can help remedy the issue.

If they’re unable to help you, please feel free to contact Woot Member Services at and let them know what’s happening. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your purchase.

Thanks for the reply. I did go ahead and contact Philips support and they are sending me a replacement. So far, very painless and they were easy to work with. Thanks again.

Beginning to lose all faith in Woot!
Ordered the 29" Phillips TV some 13 days ago and no TV, no notice it has shipped, no tracking number, and customer service has all but given up on answering my questions and requests for status. Maybe time to take my business elsewhere!

I just got the el cheapo dvd player. I thought you forgot about it Woot!.