Philips Home Theater

I purchesed two of the 39 inch sets the last time they were offered. The packaging was horrible and was never shipped until i complained i never received the order. One set was smashed when finally delivered and now waiting for a refund.

Sorry for the problem. We sell hundreds of TVs in each sale. Most arrive in great condition and we rarely hear back from the happy people sitting on the their couches posting. There are some though that take a beating during delivery and our CS will work with you to return and/or refund the item.

I’m not on a couch, but I am using a factory reconditioned Vizio as the PC monitor to type this- it’s been going strong for more than a year- and I have a Phillips 37" similar to one offered here that I bought in a prior sale and received it without any problems or complaints about packaging.

I think it’s just with Phillips products. I bought a sound bar last year, and same thing. Packaging was horrible and broken, and it was even missing the remote. Everything else I’ve bought from Woot was never that bad.

I’m seeing bad reviews about the blu-ray player. Freezing, remote, and the wifi all being a little on the cruddy side. “When it works, it’s great.”

Overall, a 3/5 on amazon.

As for those mentioning packaging issues or missing parts when it arrives… I’m noting this across the board with Philips products.
Doesn’t mean all are like that, but enough to take note on.

Oh, and I’ve purchased a handful of items from Woot. I’ve only had two issues and they resolved them faster and easier than I’d have ever hoped for! :slight_smile:

i ordered the sound bar last time it was for sale…package came perfect, the sound for the price is great. i recommend not using RCA’s and invest in a optical cord. Again setup was a breeze and sound is good.

I’m not tech savvy. Can u tell if the speaker connections are wireless?

they are not wireless

I thought about getting the soundbar… So many mixed reviews on that too. Did you experience any issues with it?

I’d love to have one for my TV, especially if those have a built-in ability to equalize sound that’s being piped through. Nothing more annoying that commercials coming on and the sound is twice what it was for the movie or show. :frowning:

Edit: And does anyone have experience with that blu-ray player specifically? I’ve been eyeballing them with a sound-bar…

doesnt have that type of setup or options…its just a plug and play type of thing…again great price for good quality sound.

I’m happy with the soundbar. I bought it here last time they had the Philips home theater sale, and been using it for about a month now. Nice clear sound, but not extremely loud, but as good as you could expect for a $50 sound bar.

Regarding screen sizes: should be approximately 1/3 the size of the distance between you and the front of the television.
That is based on advice given in PC Magazine some time ago. I set my house up on that advice and it seems to work well.

I bought the $89 Philips home theater as a gift for a family member. I set it up and I have to admit I am impressed. The video is very good. The sound is pretty good, better than anything built into a current skinny flat screen TV. It also has an impressive set of features. It can can connect to your wireless router and stream video via WIFI. The only real bad thing I have to say after a week of use is that it reacts very slowly to inputs. When I switch from video to radio, it takes a few seconds. Same thing when you first start it up. I have to say that this is not just an issue with this unit. I’m old enough to remember when “old fashioned” radios and TV’s turned on and switch functions pretty much instantly. Now with these “advanced” units you have to wait for them to turn on and then it takes a couple of long seconds to switch a TV channel.

i purchased one with the latest sell and have yet to receive it :confused: the tracking says it was delivered in one day? D:

I think that was the shirt that was on the same order. Your Philips item will ship shortly. The sale would have said 3-5 business days. Today is the 5th business day. With the weekend, you should see a new tracking number on Monday or Tuesday.

I just wanted to say that my TV arrived today in perfect condition and packaging.

I almost bought this several times, but was scared of all the negative packaging comments. I finally bought it on the 19th and it showed up today, without any prior tracking info, in great condition!

My 39" TV just showed up all busted to tarnation. The FedEx guy actually asked me to open it before he’d let me sign - the box was in that bad of shape. So…that’s going back.

Also, woot is saying my item is “Shipping Now” with no tracking number. Glad I happened to be home to catch this and not just have it dropped off at my door.

Bummer, I’m really sorry! Have you emailed Woot Member Services to let them know what’s going on? If not, be sure to include your order number and user name along with your situation.

My soundbar showed up yesterday it sat outside for a while since a) ups fedex didn’t knock and b) no shipping info showed up on woot.

I’d like to say I’m pleased with it, but it doesn’t work. Philips CS seems to be closed until Monday.