Philips Home Theater

What warranties/assurances come with the refurbished TV’s?

under the features tab, 90 days. square trade warranty may be available for the tv you’re looking at.

Does anyone know if Netflix’s Profile feature is available on the Blu-ray player (BDP2985/F7B)? I would like to get cheap Blu-ray players for my daughters to watch Netflix in their rooms, but I want to make sure they can use their individual profiles.

I talked with someone from our Tech team who didn’t know why it wouldn’t be there, but I just verified with Phillips too- you will definitely be able to access user profiles with that player!

Great, thanks for the info!

It says it has Netflix what about other video profiles, like Amazon Prime?
(Philips HTS3541/F7B 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Home Theater System with Wi-Fi & Apps)

I noticed it ships 3-5 business days but how long is standard shipping?

Did the price just go up $40 in the last few minutes, or am I imagining this?

Review is here: and here:

Are the satellite speakers wireless?

Can my kids watch OTA digital channels if I get an antennae for this?

Which item?

Sorry. This one: Philips 39PFL2608/F7B 39”

This set?

If so, no. They are wired. There’s a diagram of the back of the main unit in the photo gallery showing the speaker connections. Speaker cable lengths are listed in the specs.

Hope that helps.

(TV) Can these be used as an Lap-top Monitors ?

It’s not MEANT to but you certainly can, HDMI out on your laptop would be the easiest way, I think.

I got this last time it was on woot. Arrived broken, and they sent me a replacement. (Thank goodness for warranty.) I like it, just wish it had more apps, like spotify & skype.

“They” being Phillips?

Did you have to pay S&H to send out the defective unit? How long did you have to wait to get the replacement?

The first one I got sent from Woot was broken and when I went through the manufacturer it didn’t take to long to set up the claim. I just had to send them the order confirmation to verify the purchase. Once that was all taken care of, I got it within the same week. Sad part is that one was also broken so hopefully the second replacement doesn’t have any problems. It’s nice though that they cover shipping both ways.