Philips HTS3400 DVD Home Theatre

great woot for a tuesday… don’t you agree?.. and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful…

hmmm, but we still need a receiver to go with it right?

where’s the upscaling? Also if this was on plain woot there would be 92734923847 people arguing about wattage and speakers and ohms. let’s see it here!!!

I put HTS3400 in Google and the first 3 links were all to REFURBS… wtf, is this thing only sold as refurb? They must have had a LOT of problems.

i dont believe you do. This is a in box home theater. All you need is in the box. not bad really

hooray. i didn’t have to go past the yahoo shopping website when i got here! i just saved some seconds of my life!

Amazon reviews aren’t that great

Philips generally makes decent stuff in my experience, though they might have slid downhill recently. As for the question about whether this needs a receiver or not, it looks like the speakers hook right into the back of the DVD player itself.

DVD regions?

This thing gets a lot of good reviews for sound quality, and it’s coming at about half the price. Refurbs are cool because they are debugged!

Impedance: 3 Ohms for home speakers ='s Noway.

No DivX support. also ='s Noway.

Just an opinion.

Has no digital inputs, so you can forget hooking up anything worthwhile to it. Like an Xbox 360, or PS3 for surround sound, or a better dvd player, or perhaps optical audio from your tv. Surround sound w/o optical input=worthless.

Is there any video input? There doesn’t seem to be.

I have had mine for well over a year…maybe close to two. If I’m not mistaken I paid about $200 at the Wally World…it isn’t gonna jingle your jangles loose…BUT…for under a bill…I would say it is well worth it!

hmmm seems a good size for the dorm room, also has digital in so I can get surround from the xbox 360? tell me. It seems to.

edit: Answered while I typed.

I have this exact unit, bought direct from philips as a refirb for around $130 about a year ago. Nice sound, complete unit with everything in the box…It includes the receiver (am and fm), plays cd’s and dvd’s, with a six channel amp and a lot of watts. Really does the home theater well, and it gets loud if you want it to. I should get another one for the family room…

At least it’s not RCA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, Philips is usually a good brand. However, since I am living in a crowded college dorm, I’ll have to stick to something on about the same scale as my Shoqbox. /pass

So does this accept any digital inputs? Coaxial or Optical?

nice … i’d buy it if i didn’t already setup and buy that jaton from woot a month or so ago…