Philips HTS3400 DVD Home Theatre

These are selling on eBay for $12-35 + $10 shipping. So, this is a pretty high priced woot.

I bought the HTS3410D from Target about a year ago for roughly the same price. My system appears to be the same as this, only mine is silver. I thought I would offer a few comments about my experience:

Overall, I have been mostly pleased with the system. The audio is nice and crip, there is occasionally a slight humming when it should be silent, but I think that may be coming from the source, as I only notice it on “Aux.” One thing that was a bit annoying (since I was wiring the system into the wall) was that the speakers all plug into the back via a series of custom 2-pin connectors. And the ground pin isn’t on the same side of each connector.

There are a few issues that I have encountered over the last year.

  1. The disc player is fairly finicky. I’ve put a brand new DVD in there sometimes, only to have it spin for 2-3 minutes and then tell me “No Disc.” Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes and then actually reads the disc. I think it may be especially susceptible to dust, since usually a quick blast of canned air causes it to shape up.

  2. I have integrated the functionality of the remote into my Sony learning remote (from Woot), but some of the buttons, namely the “enter” and “main menu” buttons didn’t want to be easily learned. Maybe the remote sends out some sort of non-standard command sequence for these functions or something, I don’t know. I was eventually able to make it work, but it took a while.

Take that for what it’s worth.

Manual Link for those interested.

now i am not sure but it sure seems like woot is parady’ing this commercial it is a hella-funny old windows commercial

Reviews at contrast the ones at

I too have the same model purchased just over a year ago from Fred Meyers. Sound is great for the price but like the poster said the dvd craps out…alot. it currently won’t read any dvd’s atm. Don’t think I would get this again! tempting at this price but I’m sure after the 90 day warranty it would crap out again. just my 2 cents

It was at Frys a month or so ago new. 99.95

Everything I buy here worth an extendend warranty I use They completely refurbished to new specs 2 computers I bought on eBay. I mean brand new Sony mobo and 2 250GB hard drives in raid. for around 10% of purchase price

so is it worth for the sound alone? already have like 4 dvd players, so i could wire Audio into Aux and video streight to TV…

also how does FM radio work here? do you need to look at the TV screen to tune it?

in the box: AM antenna

as far as i know AM antenna is usually a coil inside the receiver and FM antenna needs to be external?

For those of you in the Bay Area, you may consider this searching this eBay store instead. they recently sold some for around $25 shipped!

And for those of you elsewhere in the USA, you might want to search eBay first, they are a lot cheaper!


in for 1. will be great for me seeing as how i just moved into an apartment and dont’ have a DVD player. For 89.95 inc. speakers that’s a good deal imho.

now how long til woot puts up a 63" samsung DLP??? :smiley:

In my experience Phillips doesn’t work well with universal remotes, they will usually work but the button on the remote may not corrilate to the actually operation of the device. And I don’t have this exact dvd player but also from experience, the dvd tray is very very slow to open. Not a big issure but rather anoying over time.

For $90 bucks you won’t get much, but it is atleast a class D amp so while I can’t speak for this unit I would say its ok for the average non audiophile type person that wants a cheap home theater. One problem I do see is that its not much of a receiver having what looks like only one analog input for another device

I have this same unit, but in silver. It sounds AMAZING for a home theater in a box, but the inputs/outputs are a letdown. No HDMI and no upconversion eventually made me go out and buy a new DVD player. But if you don’t have an HDTV, I highly recommend this!

Another plus is that the wires are REALLY long for the speakers… great if you plan on running through any walls/floors.

Umm no, it has that right in the box.

i think this is a good piece 700w on hometheather mode and if its not good its still a good dvd player and insted of me going to spend 100 buks on a dvd player i rather buy a home theather

I love how items like this are 700 watts, yet only consume 180 watts maximum of power…

Can anyone tell me if i can have it hook up to my tv when i am not watching a DVD to still have the surrond sound coming out? I need to know this, HELP :slight_smile:

The only audio inputs to this device are stereo left/right (there are two: “TV” and “AUX”). So you can hook up your TV, and the sound will come out of all the speakers, but it won’t be “surround sound.”