Philips Hue 4-Bulb Starter Kit with Hub

Philips Hue 4-Bulb Starter Kit with Hub

Refurbs are $10 less on the mothership, same warranty.

[Mod Edit: The link is for Gen 2 bulbs, ours are for Gen. 3.]

Your link is for Gen 2 bulbs (No Richer Color on the box) while this is for Gen 3 bulbs.


Ah, good catch. I tried finding the bulb generation in the description because I didn’t know you could identify by the box. Finally found confirmation that these are for Gen2 after expanding all the ‘answered questions’.

These bulbs are great, my whole house is Hue or tp-link now. I highly recommend the Hue Halloween and Hue Christmas apps.

$5 cheaper on eBay.

What do you do with all the extra hubs? I find far more deals and options for purchasing multi-packs are kits. If I have a hub and just wanted to buy 4 of something they are far harder to find, especially find a deal on.

They usually sell for$20-25 online at eBay/Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace. There’s a surprising number of people who break/lose them or exceed the 50 bulb per hub limit.

And there’s a pretty significant difference in the color reproduction between the second and third generations.

Third gen colors are much deeper - the blues look blue, not white with a hint of blue.