Philips Hue 80" LightStrip w/ Extension

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Philips Hue 80" LightStrip w/ Extension
Price: $79.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Why on Earth would you purchase 120" of LED lightstrips for $80 (REFURBISHED!) when there are 196" sets all over Amazon for $13 (NEW). Oh, because you want to control it with your Alexa? Save some [redacted] for the rest of us Crusher.

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Fun fact: the ones on amazon can be controlled with Alexa too.

Massively overpriced. I bought a set with two 5 meter, 300-LED-per-strip waterproof strips of RGB lights, plus power supply and Alexa-enabled controller for just over $30 on Amazon. About 3x the length for less than half the price. And when I had one bad LED on one of the strips, the company shipped a whole new strip. I already own a Hue hub, and I still wouldn’t touch this deal.

A dollar an INCH??? What happened to you WOOT. You’re not the same lovable scamp I used to know.

Okay, for those of you hating on this deal, please point us to the Amazon listing for a 80-120" LED light strip that:

  1. Supports something close to a full spectrum of colors and brightness levels
  2. Can be controlled via both Alexa and Homekit
  3. Provides an API that allows the light strip to be controlled by a home automation controller

Oh, well then sure, A dollar an inch is very (eye roll) reasonable. :-}

As somebody who owns one of these strips, I want to iterate that it’s not worth 80 dollars. Sure, there’s lots of cool features that come bundled in with it that aren’t typically available with other light strips, but a lot of times, you can find these on sale for about 40-50 bucks, which is a bit more reasonable (all things considered).

Also, I’m not sure why anybody would pay 80 dollars for a refurbished product, when you can get a brand new one on Amazon right now for 70. EDIT: nevermind, I see that it also comes with the extension. Still not worth it imo.

Must … resist … inappropriate … joke.

I concur. I also have this, but fortunately it was gifted to me. Yes, the color depth and features are great, and this feels like a premium product. But it still is way too overpriced.

The one niche use that may be worth the $80: ambient TV back-lighting. You can install this behind an HDTV mount, and Philips has a feature that allows you to link the lights to your TV, and the lights will automatically adjust based on the content of the screen. It’s a cool effect when set up properly.

The item description kinda brushes over this fact, but if you want this to work you must also have a Philips Hue hub. Without a hub, this strip will only display soft white lighting.

Thats more than most ladies do without a hub and way longer than my ex at 64 inches. I bet she is brighter as well.

That only works if your computer is the source for your TV, and it apparently uses a big chunk of CPU. But reviews say it works great, if a bit delayed.

So what’s the process of these lights are not working correctly? The last foot of mine doesn’t display the correct color all the time. For example, if the strip is blue, the last foot is red.

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