Philips Hue Bloom White/Color Smart Lamp

Hey, so I don’t think this is the “Portable” Hue Bloom. It says portable in the title, but there are both portable and non-portable versions of the Bloom.

The images on the product and description more closely match to the on-portable version on amazon.

Could someone from Woot maybe clarify?

You are correct. The photos and features are correct. We’ll remove the word “portable” from the title post haste. :slight_smile:

Do you have to also purchase a bridge or is the bridge part of the lamp? I would like to control from phone/Alexa and sync with music and tv. Is it possible without a bridge?

This thing is great! I have one already and wanted a second for ambiance with the home theater. The Philips Hue Sync app will sync the colors on your tv to the bulbs to create a nice glow behind the tv. Takes a decent amount of cpu power if set to high performance and intensity, but man is it nice!

You will need the bridge. The color starter kit is perfect for this and you’ll want the extra bulbs anyway. These things are addicting.