Philips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb Kit

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Philips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb Kit
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What is the bulb temperature?

Daylight or soft white?

Bulb temperature is fixed at 2700K, soft white.

Color or not?

I have seen many description of these kits. Some are white only, but the detailed descriptions wax endlessly about how Hue bulbs can give you wonderful enjoyment with all sorts of colors which undermines my understanding of what THESE bulbs are capable of. Are these color-programmable? Or are these fixed white bulbs?

These are the fixed white (but dimmable) bulbs.

$20-30 higher than last holiday season.

Love my hue bulbs, but I don’t need the whole kit. Can we get a sale on just the bulbs Woot? Please? :slight_smile:

Not enough of a saving ($5) to even be tempting. These are just dimmable LED bulbs that also have some wireless technology built in (hence “smart”), and not even the color version at that (so why call them “hue”?).

You’re gonna want the color kit.

I have a color kit and then 12 white bulbs around my house. Yes, you can definitely play around more with the color one and it’s fun for a bit, but in day-to-day usage, I almost never change the colors. What I find most useful is setting up IFTTT triggers to set scenes for the house. So for example, if I tell Alexa to trigger ‘movie time’ it turns off my living room lights and dims all the lights in the neighboring rooms to 10%. Or, the ability to turn off all the lights in the house with an IFTTT trigger that sees your GPS location leaving. Anyway, that’s where I see the value in these.

Any drawbacks compared to the TP-Link smart bulbs (LB100)?

How difficult is it to replace the bulbs?
Can they be purchased & linked to the earlier set?

I have seven white bulbs. Three are in front of the house for regular outside lighting on timers. The white ones look normal and should be less likely to walk off. The other four I dont really want. You’re gonna want colors.

Having all color bulbs (aside from oddball places like closets) can be really handy to do alerts. Aside from a security system (and smoke alarms, etc.), I use them to alert me when a household member arrives (for instance, the SO getting home with groceries). It also alerts me to cold temps in the morning by flashing various shades of blue. At some point, I will add in support for reminders, notifications for open/unlocked doors, stove left on, fridge left open, water leaks, etc. (with the appropriate sensors).

Adding Hue bulbs to the Hue system is essentially zero-setup. It should automatically find and add them. All that’s needed is to assign them to “rooms” or scenes, and/or adding them to other systems (Alexa, Google, SmartThings, etc.). Adding off-brand bulbs can require entering a code.

This price isnt anything special. I guess you can save a couple bucks if you gotta get it right now.

The four pack of bulbs is typically 50, but can be had for less with patience. And everybody with a hue setup has an extra bridge or two. You can get unused bridges cheap.

I have both color and white bulbs and will echo some other respondents… I played with the color settings for a day or two but I never ended up using them for anything.

You can put them to work…

(According to comments, mileage may vary depending on version.)