Philips Hue Ludere Outdoor Smart Security Floodlight

Philips Hue Ludere Outdoor Smart Security Floodlight

What’s the temperature range?

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I believe the PAR38 bulbs are strictly 3000K (tho dimmable)

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Second to last photo in the listing says “warm white”.

Are these really suitable for wet locations? Last floodlight I put out lasted a week.

Sorry I should of been more specific, I meant operating temperature range. Will they come on when its -10 degrees F or above 120 F.

Wait, so this doesn’t have a motion sensor?

I have both Hue smart lights (indoors) and Ring smart lights (outdoors). (I also have some Z-Wave enabled lights, but those aren’t the same.) The Ring wired floodlight not only has motion detection, but is $30 cheaper than Woot’s price for this Hue light.

So unless you only have Hue lights, the Ring seems to be a better value.

To be fair, the Hue lights appear to be 2600 lumens (2x1300), while the RIng lights are 2000 lumens, so if you need the extra brightness, the Hue may work better for you. Also, these Hue lights appear to be low voltage lights, so you have to run a wire to the power supply; the Ring lights require an AC mount.

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Hue Friends,

Is the mount the smart piece or the bulbs? I already have Hue Par 38s outside in similar looking fixtures. Is this any different?

Asked another way: Is it the fixture or the bulbs which are controllable by Hue?


Haven’t found anything but this:

As is, no. But…

Going by the title:

Outdoor Wall Fixture & 2 Hue PAR38 LED Smart Bulbs

I’m guessing it’s in the bulbs.

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