Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

So is this compatible with anything besides philips hue?

Good question- does the remote work with regular light bulbs?

Don’t think it can do that, but curious about other smart bulbs/switches etc.

When I look up 798082 it comes up as a lamp.

Yup, me too. I has a confused.


I guess it doesn’t matter for a dollar.


I cancelled my order. I do have a couple of hues, but it says it requires the hue hub and I got confused.
I also have 4 hue lightstrip extensors (but not the actual lightstrip to extend) thanks to a BoC.

It’s a switch/remote for Phillips Hue lightbulbs and light strips. It runs on a CR2450 battery and can be magnetically stuck to a panel which can be mounted for use as a light switch or taken off the panel base and used as a remote.

You need a Phillips Hue hub connected to your modem/router/gateway as well as the app on your smartphone and you can set patterns for different lights or color schemes. The remote turns the lights off with OFF and goes through the patterns with each press of ON. There are also dim and brighten buttons which do the same.

I got one as a spare for my current remote.


I got one not knowing it needs the hue bridge/hub whatever. I just have echo. However…it was just a buck, I’ll throw it up on ebay!

Anyone else still waiting for theirs to ship? Both other dollar deals I were able to snag have shipped but this one hasn’t.

This should be shipping out shortly. Not all of our items ship from the same spot so shipping times can be a little different.

Ah awesome! Still a little new to Woot so I was curious, thank you!

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No problem! You might know that we’re a subsidiary of Amazon so we operate similarly in that we can pull items from different warehouses across the country. Which means shipping times can be different. But rest assured, we’ll get your item shipped out soon and also, Welcome to Woot!

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