Philips Hue Smart Lighting

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

How do I choose the lightstrip?


^ this

I too want the LightStrip. In the description it reads either/or.

Why can’t I order the lightstrip?

+1 Hope they don’t activate the selection box and then they immediately sell out. :frowning:

Paging @ThunderThighs

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Hello all. Sorry for the confusion. We’re only selling the “White Bulb Starter Kit” today. I’ve asked the Tools team to update the sale to reflect this.

:sob: Any plans to do the lightstrip at this price in the future? I was ready to buy a few…

What temperature range are these bulbs? Warm white or daylight?

Well, this was terrible

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Take down the lightstrip on the preview image then, very deceiving

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Done. TY

FWIW, it’s still showing lightstrips on the main T&G landing page.

LOL. Fixed that one too.