Philips Hue Smart Pathway Light Base Kit

Philips Hue Smart Pathway Light Base Kit

There is a pic that shows the power supply and other pics that say no power supply included. Which is it? Is this the extension (no power supply included) or the normal one? (If the extension, then it should be called out in the description as one clearly comes with a power supply and one does not and must purchase separately)

Specs say it includes the power supply, and I don’t see a picture that states it comes without. Several do mention that the hue smart hub is required and sold separately, but that’s different.

Hi there. Power supply is included. We removed the photos that lied about it not being there.

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Thanks, I did buy 3 (as even if it didn’t come with power supply they were cheaper than the ‘extension’ which retails for $129) because I needed 4 regardless, but they all came with the 40w power supply (which is enough to power about 8 of these). Had a friend buy me one more, so got my 4 for this great price.