Philips Hue White A19 Dimmable Bulbs 4-Pack

No, they can connect directly with the ST or HE, without a Hue hub. To get them to pair, the easiest way is using a Hue Dimmer. The Hue dimmer can be directly connected to ST or HE.


They can also be connected to the Echo Plus, as per ripprsoul.

These are 3rd Generation

Better deal: the refurbed 2-bulb starter kit is $50.

Between the 2 deals, that’s a hub and 6 bulbs for less than $90.

Unsolicited thoughts about the Hue system as a whole for anyone on the fence: We use these in our house, which isn’t huge, but is big enough (3br, 1.5ba). We have the hub by the router in a less than ideal (from a router’s perspective) place because that’s how it worked out and it has no problem reaching any of the lights in the house.

If you sign in with the app, you can control your lights when you’re outside the range of your wifi. Helpful for when you enter the house with two armfuls of groceries (turn them on from the car before you load up); when you’re away from home; etc. Our outside light is one, too.

You can turn these on without the app if, say, you go into the room and realize you don’t have your phone. (They’re always “on,” so turn it off, then on again, and that will manually power it on.)

There are a bunch of lights that we’d rather just keep on a switch, but this is obviously a personal preference. But I bought a bridge with four bulbs and then another four (like this offer) and three of them are sitting in the box still. So they’re pricey, but it’s not like you have to replace all bulbs, and, in fact, it probably doesn’t make sense to.

The dimmer is basically a slider on your phone and has a very wide range. You can do a lot of other programming things, like set them up to dim at bedtime, timers, whatever, but I confess I mostly just use it for its remote capabilities, so can’t speak too much to these.

In case any of that is useful…

yes but you can use on the Echo plus which has a built-in hub.

I have a couple set up already. I installed on kind of a lark but it’s turned out that I love the convenience.

Like others what is the WATT equivalent? Are these 10W/12/15/ LED?? = 40-65W standard??


9.5-Watt (compared to a 60W standard incandescent light bulb)

For those that need the hub - check with your local utility. I received the starter kit about a month ago for free as part of the Focus on Energy program.

Do these change color or are they just a bulb?

With shipping these are cheaper on Amazon.