Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue White A19 LED Smart Bulbs

How exactly do you refurbish a lightbulb?

I suspect these bulbs are comprised of two main components, the light assembly and the Wi-Fi assembly. If Philips was smart they would be fairly modular. So if the Wi-Fi portion has malfunctioned and been sent back for warranty, they could remove the still functional light portion and mate it to a new Wi-Fi portion and make it a refurb. And it could very well be that if the light fails early (not sure if the light portion is warrantied though) they could mate the functional Wi-Fi portion to a new light portion.

That’s just my thoughts on how these can be refurbs. The risk I think is if the light portion is used, as a buyer we wouldn’t know for how long? So there might be an issue with longevity.

I will say I’ve bought these both new and refurbed, and I can’t tell a difference between the two.

Do these have any sort of manufacturer warranty?

I think it’s more likely these are brand new but in a discontinued package or perhaps an older revision which they have changed for retail distribution. That’s been my experience with “refurb” things like this.

I would say the Hue system works pretty well and I do have it with the Hub. Note that there are other systems they have that sound similar so it’s easy to get confused. This I think are just the plain “white” bulbs. There is an Ambiance model I really like, especially for a bedroom, because you can select the “warm” light supposed to be better for preparing for sleep or if you wake up at night, and then switch to the more “daylight” setting to get energized and awake or study or things like that. Or any of 1000s of combinations of brightness and tint – actually very cool. The “color” one is nice if you like funky colored lights, but I don’t really need bright green or blue or red bulbs (Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the Red Light!). I got a color Hue set at HD on clearance and it’s fun to play with, but not something I really need.

One big limitation of the Hue hub is that if you want internet control, you can only have 1 hub per account, which is tied to email. So if you have two hubs in different locations, you’d need to make two accounts with different emails. Maybe they fixed that, but it seemed like a pretty severe restriction.


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