Philips Hue White & Color A19 Starter Kit

Philips Hue White & Color A19 Starter Kit

Hi! Do you HAVE to have the “hub” in order to use these lights, or can you simply use Alexa devices? Thank you!

No. We use Phillips hue lights with our Google home setup. Alexa will work as well.

From the description :

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required and included, Alexa device sold separately).

So, yes, you need the hub for any of these kits to work.

I know for sure you need a bridge with Alexa, but not the older ones. It used to work great and then they made it where the bridge that I have won’t work anymore with Alexa, forcing me to buy a new bridge. So far I have resisted buying the new bridge because I just think it was a way to make money off the users. So now I use the Hue app, which worked fine…

And then they changed it so that I can’t use the Hue app remotely with my cell phone. The app only works now if I’m on the WiFi network that the Hue bridge uses. It used to be great when I was traveling.

I’m about done with Phillips Hue. Some of my bulbs had started failing anyway and they’re not that old. I have a couple that flicker to the point where I had to stop using them. I’m not buying anymore.

Yes, but this kit comes with the hub - technically you can connect them to other zigbee hubs, but that is more complex than just using the hue bridge

Call it a bridge or a hub, it’s the same thing. It’s the white square shaped item shown in pictures.

Google “Phillips Hue Hub” or “Phillips Hue Bridge” and its the identical item. My box and paperwork always referred to it as a bridge but I see where sometimes Phillips now calls it both.

My posts only refer to the Phillips branded bridge/hub.

I noticed on Amazon that there are other Zigbee devices that can control Hue bulbs. Are they different from the Phillips brand Hue Bridge/Hub? I have no idea.