Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit

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Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit
Price: $87.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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3/29/2018 - $99.99

It’s a second gen hub in the picture, but those are gen 3 bulbs.

Can someone confirm if the bulbs in this kit match the picture, with gold text and a gold-ish screw part?

I’m in if these are gen 3 bulbs.

The Amazon reviews seem to be from this

But, as you can see, the bulbs on that page aren’t the ones pictured here.

[MOD: These are 2nd generation bulbs.]

I found this discussion on the bulbs:

and the gold color on the bulb text would indicate it is 3rd gen, but I would also like confirmation before buying

[MOD: These are 2nd generation bulbs. ]

The bulbs in this kit are typically $50 a piece. That makes this kit cheaper to purchase than buying 3 bulbs by themselves. Really cheaper than buying 2 bulbs.

Once it’s confirmed I’ll be buying it and I already have the starter kit and 7 bulbs in my home

The bulbs in the picture are a good deal. if they are gen 2 bulbs, with washed out green (and colors made with green), I’m not interested in spending this much.

is there a difference between 2nd and 3rd gen hubs? or is it only the bulbs that changed?

You’re not alone. You’d think someone from Woot would be by to answer…

There isn’t a 2nd gen hub. They only updated the bulbs between gen 2 and 3.

Hey all!

These are 2nd generation bulbs. Everything is 2nd generation.

The bulbs look to be 2nd generation in the pictures. The body of 1st/2nd generation bulbs is a light grey color, 3rd/4th generation bulbs are plain white. They’re not 1st gen, since the lettering on those is different, so I’d assume they’re 2nd gen.

I’m looking for a few color bulbs, but colors on the gen. 1/2 bulbs are pretty bad compared to gen. 3/4, so I’ll pass.

They replaced the first picture, which is why they now look like gen 2 bulbs. Originally it was just the hub and three vertical gen 3 bulbs.

Right now the second picture still shows gen 3 bulbs, but that could also change now that I’ve mentioned it.

The usual ad copy for the 3rd gen bulbs says that they improve the depth of color, especially in blue and green. Having used both the 2nd and 3rd gen, the biggest difference is actually in the green and yellows. These 2nd gen bulbs look really washed out when trying to achieve a deep green or yellow tint. 2nd gens can still produce a pretty good blue, in my opinion.

The title say this is a refurbished kit; does that just mean the hub? Are the bulbs previously used or are they new with a full lifespan?

From the buyer:
Yes, they should definitely assume the bulbs will be refurbished as well. But they are LED, so the lifespan is much longer than an incandescent bulb. They are tested and cleaned up to be like new before they are re-packaged.