Philips Icon 5 Device Universal Remote

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New Philips Icon 5 Device Universal Remote, for $4.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SRU4105 Icon 5 Device Universal Remote

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I GOOGLED (giggle)

link shortened by moody mod. =P

wooting one! nice remote. ROFL

There is on review on ALatest. I’ll check a few more places to see if I find anything else…
ALL about reviews= À La Test, also useful for those who speak Anglais.

tinkered with by Mod. Yeah. Fixed typos, too. :wink:

Er… just what I always wanted?

Nice price. If only it controlled cyborg killbots.

ooo i’ve been wanting a new univ remote

a) its 5$
b) i need one
c) We’ll see if it works.

I have a more more expensive version of this I got as a woot refurrb. It was defective, and Philips won’t even talk to me unless I pay for the call. It ‘forgets’ codes learned from other remotes. This is probably worse.

I really need a new remote and if that Froogle listing is to be believed, this is a steal.

the sad thing is that there really is a CSPAN-3

Didn’t I have one of these in like, 1992? Good gift though.

the stickers seem a little tacky especially for my changing tastes,

but what do you expect for 10 bucks?

It’s not the same remote.
Also the review on is not for this one.

ha ha ha …do they reallY???

I don’t care if it’s a penny. If it’s not a Harmony I’m not buying
Once you go Harmony you don’t go back.

i bought one, i hope it works with my dvr

But is there a sticker for C-SPAN 3 Included?

If you say you are a man and are not down
for a remote. I say you are no man.
I am down for 3.

And they’re expendable, just like killbots. We can always build more killbots.