Philips Icon 5 Device Universal Remote

can you say that in english?

i believe we have found how to get western americans jollies off!

Anyone know if it’s Mac compatible?


Edit: Damn you, Atomsplitter!!

I have the Icon Remote from here:

I bought the same thing for my father here:

And then they have this knock-off of them… lol I am down for 3 as any old person can have a “speed channel changer button” and not have to remember the channel, does 10 of those… how many people have 10 channels they watch, not many - especially if you only have locals.

I wouldn’t trade my icon remote for anything, if I didn’t have it, I would have this instead!!!

I bought one. I hope it;s a steal for 4.99

Only time will tell.

Night all!

The problem is that I don’t have the original remote, and my last learning remote failed to learn it when I tried to from a friend’s remote. Built-in codes are much handier.

1 (4|| |-|4$ r3//\073 (0||7r0LZ, L0Lz

what if you no longer have the original remote? how will it learn then?

In for 3. This way I split S&H cost three ways. Still it is 33% of actual product cost.

Hey I found these sold in stores for $20 each, so it is steal.

I will find out later if I made the right decision.


Skynet compatibility coming soon.

Yeah, I’ll go two, too, one for me, and one for an unexpected X-mas guest (that poor, sad, mo-fo, whoever it may be), or the mom-in-law.

What I want to know is why Fox is in the number one spot on the remote?? :slight_smile:

The window for the ir reciever for the learning is on the back end, so don’t put them nose to nose, put them nose to tail.

It will, by way of either 2-3 ways it states it is capable, e.g., the device tables/codes, IR-to-IR learning functions, etc.

One father, one father-in-law, and one grandfather-in-law who will dig this for Christmas. In for THREE!

I’m not gonna lie, if you want one for yourself get the real icon remote for $35 with free shipping from For gifts get this one and then tell them there’s one better when they tell you they love this one so much… lol Trust me, if they don’t love it they’re idiots… If they do… well you helped them out to a greater life of faster channel surfing. :slight_smile:

Assuming your current TV remote can change the input sources (why wouldn’t it) then you can have this remote “learn” the menu button or “change source” button.

Woot! First woot!

Wow, you take your labeling seriously :slight_smile:

What Harmony model you talking about, there are at least 6-8 of them, ranging from the $69 and $89 models (no LCDs), to their two touch screen versions that list for $350 and $450?