Philips Icon 5 Device Universal Remote

truly a great remote. i bought 3 last time, christmas n all

I need the AAA batteries for the one I recieved last week. Looks good though. Nice instruction book.

er didn’t auto update. I had to hit refresh…

am I “doing it wrong” ? :slight_smile:

a remote !

wow just what everyone needs

a boy can only dream

yay great fantastic
another universal remote

They should have saved this for the Bagola of Crapola

Please give us something worth being awake for!!!

Got 2 last time around. These work great - even runs my Dynex 32" from Beast Buy.

Got two before. I like them.

Not as good as my Harmony Remote - no sale.

it has a spice tv button! zomg

Once you go Harmony, you never go back.

Got 2 last time. Love them!

Holy W00T Off … Its still going on, glad I didn’t miss any thing I needed …
Remotes … Do Not Want !

why do all my posts disappear?

How much do you need me to donate woot, So we can all see the next item:)

good morning woot!

Good deal - in for three! Now it’s your turn…