Philips iPod Docking System with FM Tuner and Dual wOOx loudspeakers


But I want the iPod

at least they’re going by fast

Will this fit my iPad?

Bleaah Philips, Who’s got $50 to blow? Come on guys, somebody has to want some disappointment

Just what I wanted but no plans to buy until later on next month :frowning:

love this thing… great for getting to sleep with the sleep timer function and pandora app

w00x is almost w00t… still not interested…

Any guesses to how many more items?

Does this support fake Iphones?

Hey what does it mean when it says “first sucker” in the stats?

I love the iFhone!

I can’t believe they said “gank”

I just wanted to see what my avatar looks like.

Should if it has the same charger connection

This works great with my iphone! When it asks to put into airplane mode I select NO and it still works just fine! LOVE IT! I wish I would have seen this when it came out and I would have gotten another.

nice dock! I have one that is very similar