Philips Light Therapy (Your Choice)

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Philips Light Therapy (Your Choice)
Price: $69.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 12 to Thursday, Feb 13) + transit
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Product Page/Reviews for the GoLite Blu

My therapist recommended to me not too long ago to try a therapy light to help with my depression, so today’s Woot immediately caught my interest. Way out of my price though.

I own the round LED wake up light (purchased a few weeks ago on woot) and the blue light therapy (actually the cheaper version, but very similar). The wake up light is nice, makes waking up easier. However, it doesn’t help with SAD. The blue light, on the other hand, is actually for seasonal affective disorder. I live in Seattle and use every day for 30 minutes in the morning. Life changing honestly. If you had to pick one of these, go for the blue therapy light. Best $100 you will spend (although I got a cheaper model at amazon for about $80 on sale… you might want to check it out… same brand, just no battery).

Time to learn more about light therapy, along with a “winter’s blues” test over at

according to the philips winter blues test, every CPA i know that is going through their busy season suffers from SAD.

Owned the 3510 for 2 months and it HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I am NOT a morning person, and I now wake up peacefully every time, it’s really something else. Can’t even describe how it changed my mornings… well worth the $90, worth 3x that much…

Have the 3510 from the last woot… Also have a Hammacher Schlemmer model… The 3510 LED model is fantastic. Super bright when it needs to be… Only thing I wish it had was an option to turn it on/off on certain days (like weekends)… One day, they’ll integrate it with my phone alarm and I’d be set.

Having the dawn simulator has significantly decreased my “Gee, I’ll be late for work if I don’t hit all green lights…” factor throughout the years :slight_smile:

The picture shows a HF3332 model, but it is listed as a HF3331, which is the corded version with no clock. Well, homewoot… which is it! I will purchase the 32 but a 31 will get the ice cold apple+W killer combo.

edit: Phillips page says its the 31, yet its amazon chart is what has me confused

How long does the rechargeable battery last (in terms of use, not number of cycles)? That is, for how long a trip will I not need to take the charger with me?

Are the bulbs replaceable in the light up alarms?

If you can do without the “simulated sunrise,” just a basic plug-in lamp timer can also do the trick. I have my bedside lamps set to turn on just before my alarm goes off. Cost me $15 and makes it much easier to wake up.

2 of 3 sold out. Price for the blue light was $100?? That’s way too much, should be around $40

We show the HF3331 and say it’s rechargeable. That matches the info on the Philips site

Per Philips:

The battery will have at least 300 full charge cycles where the battery holds at least 80% capacity.

Alrighty wooters, I told you how much I love my wake up light (the tall one) during the last sale and how I asked for the buyer to get them.

MANY of you bought them last time so let’s hear from you!

Here’s the last sale. 4 pages of comments!

I’m just going to copy/paste my Amazon review on the HF3510. It still applies, even though it’s from a year ago.

I bought this HF3510 Wake-Up Light to replace our old, standard, digital little radio/alarm. I was a little freaked about spending $100+ (as of January 2013) on an alarm that I wasn’t even sure was going to wake me up…but it has quickly proven to be a good choice.

I primarily went in hoping that it would deliver on the claim that it “improved the quality of waking and left them more energized and in a better mood”, but I also was just tired of the obnoxious alarm noise that came from our previous alarm clock. I’m not sure about the whole energized part of it, but I can tell you it has definitely left me in a better mood. Now I don’t know if that can really be attributed to this wake-up light, or if it’s just the fact that I don’t wake up to the previous alarm’s terrible sound. But really, I don’t care. One way or another it did deliver on that claim.

I tend to wake up to the light about 15 minutes before the alarm sounds start going off. (Alarm sounds being the “chirping bird” sound available on the device.) I like just being able to lay there and slowly wake up for the next 15 minutes as the light gets brighter. (As the bedroom sun rises? Sure. OK. I can roll with that. It does actually feel like it.) If that sounds like a way you’d like to wake up too, then I’d definitely recommend this to you.


  • Delivers on the “leaving me in a better mood” claim, and maybe the “more energized” claim. I’m not really sure, I’ve also been working out in the mornings. Who knows how much of my energy comes from the light or from the exercise? Not I.
  • If you have to wake up to an alarm, this is absolutely, 100%, no doubt the best alarm to wake up to. It is guaranteed to not make you want to throw it across the room.
  • It looks like a little rising sun! Aw.


  • Maybe I was just having a stupid day when I tried to program this, but it took me longer than I expected. Maybe 20 minutes. I don’t know if this is really a con, but I was annoyed. I work in tech. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Again, maybe this really isn’t a “con” … maybe it was just a day where I was stupid.

Needless to say, I’m pleased with this purchase and have recommended it to several friends already.

i got the 3510, but after doing more research thoughtmaybe i should grab the blue too.

Come back to find it sold out.



I will put in my 2 cents even though the model we purchased (the round one) is now sold out in case they come back up for sale again which they most likely will. My wife simply loves it. The light part any way. The chirping birds and other built in wake up sound don’t do that much for her so she is thinking of switching to the fm radio option which is a nice addition as well. Yes the buttons could be a little more distinctive but she has had no problems hitting the wrong ones. And programming for the most part was a breeze. Now waking up in the morning has become much less of a chore. And the light functions very well as a night or reading light if so desired. It does get quite bright at the highest setting. Highly recommended.