Philips Light Therapy (Your Choice)

Yes, I saw that. How many 15-minute sessions will the battery run on a full (or 80%) charge?

Sorry, we didn’t get as many of those and they seemed to have been REALLY popular this morning.

I bought the Philips HF3510 and have been using it since the day I got it. I love it. I have a hard time waking up and the gradual lighting helps wake me wake up at a slower pace, leading to a better mood all day. I enjoy that the light has a scale of 1-20 as well as an alarm, radio, and anything else you’d ever need to wake up! Buy it!

TT, any chance we’ll be seeing more of this model anytime soon? I had just about convinced myself to take the plunge this time. Oh, well, I just saved 100 bucks!

I’ll let the buyer know that y’all want some more. Sometimes they just don’t give us as many as we like. Silly vendors.

Funny that the last sale was only a month ago. Seems longer than that. I’ll just stay tuned…

I bought the HF3470 last time they had them on woot. It’s amazing. I used to be a snooze button 3-4 time kinda guy, but when I wake up with the light, I feel ready to go in the morning. I finally know what it’s like to have breakfast while not in my car.

Note, there is no battery backup, so have a backup alarm set 15 min or so after the light alarm, just in case. I use my phone.

I read your great review of the tall wake up light the last time it was on woot. I hesitated and read a ridiculous number of reviews and it sold out. I snapped it up this time. I can’t wait to get it!

The blue light may been what I need here in Seattle. I’ve just been waiting for spring impatiently.

I work construction. My wake-up time changes often. Today I have to start at 6, tomorrow 7, and next week 4. With my phone as my alarm, it’s no problem scrolling the time back an hour or so. Can anyone else vouch for these not being fairly easy to set? I’m not taking 20 minutes of my night to change my alarm.

We have the HF3470, purchased because we have an interior bedroom with little natural light and need to get up before the sun in winter.

One of us wakes up within about 5-10 minutes of the light coming on (sometimes before) and doesn’t need max brightness, for the other it takes the entire 30 minute cycle to max brightness. If we are really tired, we can go BACK to sleep (like napping in the daytime), but it’s reliable at waking us up in the first place and it’s a MUCH nicer wake-up than any alarm I’ve ever had.

The birds and music wake-up sounds are really irritating after a while. There’s no way to have the alarm go off without them so we cheat and use the radio set at 0 volume.

Other than the alarm, the only other complaint I have is how difficult the clock is to see with the light on the higher brightness settings and the clock not at eye level. We set ours between us on a headboard, which means it’s a little above us and works to wake both of us up, but then the clock is harder to read. For best results, keep at eye level as they suggest.

It also works really well as a reading light, it’s much less harsh than an overhead light.

In our experience, adjusting the time isn’t too bad.

I’ve owned the 3470 for over six months. I get up between 3-4 every morning and love waking up having the room lit already. I also like using it as a lamp before bed.

A great product!

I request the buyer to please get more model 3510! I was too late for this time.