Philips Norelco Multigroom Trimmer with Attachments

Bought one last time. I really like it. Works great,and honestly it’s better than I expected.

I’ve had this one for several years now and it still works well. Paid about the same at Costco for it and I’ve used it for everything. From pubes to beard and it does a good job. All the attachments work well and it charges fast.

Got this for $5 more a few weeks back from “the mother ship” (is that what we call Amazon on here? I’m a newb). It’s OK! The “comb” is a pain to yank off when you want to change heads, and it feels a little chintzy. The simulated metal plastic is kinda… I donno, cheap. But it works great, though I have nothing else to really compare it to.

$35 at Walmart

[MOD: different model]

The image shows a “7000” label but the specs say its a “7500” series. Amazon review have a similar complaint. Which is it?

Not the same model.

I like that they included the optional ear removal tool.

Anyone know what the max length this will cut? I’ve started cutting my own hair, but I like to leave the top 1" long and fade the sides. I bought a Wahl kit with a 1" guard, but it’s corded, doesn’t travel well and is also impractical for trimming my beard.

Edit: looks like I found a review on Amazon said that it’ll go up to 20mm (.78"). Oh well.

Way over price. I have the same exact one and paid $20 and the original price was $24.99
I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I like that this unit is all-in-one (multi-heads n tools) and rechargeable.

But frankly I have one Norelco now along with a couple other tooles. The special/unique chargers for each tool and alkaline battery replacing for others are unnecessary PITAs.

I’m waiting for a unit that fits-in to the USB-recharging universe - either micro-B or USB-C or uses 18650 or 16340 li-on batteries.

Sorry for the late answer but we just heard back. The trimmer says 7000 Series. Model 7500 is part of the 7000 series. The various accessories make up different models.