Philips O'Neill The Construct Headband Headphones

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Philips O’Neill The Construct Headband Headphones
Price: $28.99
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Condition: New


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If anyone has these already, I’d love to hear how much noise they block out. And whether or not they’d be okay with sweaty gym people. I’m a sweaty gym person and I’m looking for some over-ear headphones.

Quality of the construction is bad. The leatherette of the covers tears in days, the extension cable broken at the 3,5 mm tip

There are other, expert guys out there company name starting with P who make over ear cans that meet price criteria and really perform. Always have and they make their own shit.

Maybe the pictures shouldn’t say “Tested On Animals”.

Heh. That’s the name of the Philips O’Neill line of headphones.

That didn’t happen to mine. I tend to let them fall or to pull harshly the cord very often, they have resisted my sweat and stupidity for several months. The sound is the best you can expect, don’t get distorted with high volume.