Philips Optical Mini Mouse with Retractable Cord



In for 3, great price! Thanks OP!

It’s even optical, can’t beat the price of $3.xx each shipped!
Also are great for traveling because of the compact size, though I wouldn’t recommend these for a desktop. In any case, they beat the pants off of a touchpad!


Any idea how good this is?


chia-froogle - The price check that grows!


This looks identical to a portable mouse I’ve used, and if it is, I have to tell you to avoid it. The mouse is TINY, uncomfortably so, and the buttons are stiff. The scroll wheel is also very tiny and difficult to use. There’s a small chance that this is a different model of cheap mouse, but odds are it’s the same as the one I have and it’s not worth getting, even as a spare.


just how small is this? does it compare with the toshiba mouse woot sold a while ago (kinda midway between a notebook mouse and a real mouse)?


Ima get threee!
morbid story tho.


should get the job done. I’m not expecting amazing quality, but a point and click mouse for my laptop should good. In for 3. I wish there was a size comparison in the pic though…


I have tragus retractable cord mouse that i got for 5 bucks at office depot. Picked up two of them. They are fully compatible with windows. I think these might be too as its a brand name. If you are looking to save space when travelling this is the thing to buy. Face it laptop bags only fit this much. Buy three folks!
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Philips Optical Mini Mouse with Retractable Cord
$1.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Philips Optical Mini Mouse with retractable cord PML1240


Look how small it is compared to the USB plug. Wow.


I’d be in for one, but…I don’t trust these retractable thin ribbon cord devices.
I’ve had a number of pairs of earbuds with them, and they always seem to get weak around the plug, and then one ear or the other stops working.


How long is the cord? Is it longer than the standard mouse cord. I didn’t see it in the description, but I’ll try to search for more information.



Compatible with USB 1.0 and 2.0, Mac or PC


Alright, so has anyone got some info on cord length. I think that might just be the factor that breaks me on this one.


I did some digging and I would guess that this is the item on the Phillips site - link

That says the cord is 2.7 feet. I’m still up in the air on getting one (or three).


Just bought my daughter this exact mouse off ebay. paid $7 tota. for it. it’s about as long as a regular mouse is wide. but the buttons feel good, and the tracking is good. She has used a laptop for 2 years, and just used the touchpad. but after trying this, she said she will def use it.the scroll wheel on her glows blue, too. worth the $$


I got 3 of the penny mice back when Sellout started. Those will tide me over.


geepers, for two dollars each, who cares how well it works lol

heck, the shipping is more than the product


Yea! my friend had a crapier one than this one and it worked great. it was alot of fun. IM totally in for 3