Philips PC Webcam with Microphone

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New Philips PC Webcam with Microphone, for $3.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SIC4750/27 PC Webcam with Microphone

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Philips web cams have gotten generally good reviews on Amazon…

Resolution is way too low on these. 640x480 is bad enough.

seems like a bit of a low resolution and framerate…

this cam might be fine for people with slower web connections, but i’m going to guess that it’s going to give pretty low picture quality.

i think i got a camera in a wootoff last november with 480x600 or more for about $10
but i might be wrong.
remember, if you;re going to use a webcam often, get a good one - this one is probably good for the “once-every-3-months” user, young kids, or people without a webcam that just want to have one. (note: webcams are always good for a ghetto “dorm room security” setup)

In for 3!

(I needed a cheap, compact webcam to mount on my hat and feed into my icuiti TV-goggles. Just for pseudo-cyborgic entertainment purposes. And you’d be a fool to buy one, so three. I’ve no clue if they’re worth buying for any other purpose at all…)

And whaddyaknow? First sucker!

(Ammended upon reading specs: CIF is fine for my application, but I’d tend to say they’re not worth buying for any other purpose…)

I am actually looking for a webcam now, but not this crap for sure. I need a decent one.

Just for kicks, if you bought 4 of these (making it horribly overbudget btw), could you synchronize the video streams into a single stream? That would make it worthwhile just for the cool factor.

I have a webcam that’s twice as good as this and I bought it 4 years ago. : / Been thinking of getting a new one and got all excited when I saw this, but no.

Okay… I gotta know…

How bad are these? I am thinking about these for the kids to be able to talk to dear old dad via msn messenger so I can see their smiling faces… that’s it… can I really go that wrong for $12ish? that;s all they would be used for

This resolution/framerate is lower quality than most cell phones these days… for about $20 at a wal-mart or similar store you can get one that will actually let you see those faces (still not exactly in HD for $20, but decent for occasional use). Much better buy there.

that is EXACTLY what I needed to hear… thanks so much! In for NONE!!! to Wally World in the AM I guess!

Anyone know how good the microphone is? I just want to use the Microphone for gaming, I have a nice headset, but sometimes I don’t want to use it. I’m also wondering if the cam needs to be on to use the microphone.
Never mind it isn’t a built in Microphone just a Headset, Boo junky webcam.

I bet if I bought 20 of these I could make a hologram like cnn did. HHhahahaah to funny

black friday. you should wait they will have a ton of web cams online and in stores for sale. they always do. good luck.

I was thinking that but I was hoping to get them one sooner… will scour the internets and see what I can find!!

For $3.99, if you’re still using the speakers and built in mic for VOIP, you could ditch the cam and just use the earbud/mic. You won’t notice the difference much, but the people you call will appreciate the lack of echo.

This is bar none the worst camera I have ever had. Had it for three years, simply because I’m a poor college student.

The only thing that’s decent is the framerate - picture quality was terrible and it had a bad habit of going black if the usb was so much looked at funny. It had to be reinstalled from the cd each time this occurred. Got a logitech for the same PC and absolutely no problems

If you’re dead broke and need a webcam to communicate with friends and family, it’ll do the job, but again, terrible quality.

If you buy this for a stocking stuffer the recipient will likely end up loathing you.

A valid point, actually; it’s not a bad price for just the ear-set.

If you click on the picture of the cam, you’ll see a picture that includes the camera and the earbud/mic. It’s pretty clear from the picture that the earbud/mic would be completely separate.