Philips PC Webcam with Multimedia Headset

good webcam? i’m sure it is.

Wow, such venom

just got paid today… all i need now is something worth buying!!

would this work on mac os x?

No woots! tonight see ya

Ive had one of these before, they are decent quality, and I think they are like 40 bucks in the store or more.

How else are we going to get our entertainment?

(ok finally gone)

System requirements say no. but maybe

Mmmmm, bacon

anyone else still going strong since the start of this woot off? “Pre-server failure” that is.

i wonder if the woots are automated… like pre-chosen
or if someone is sitting behind the scenes indulging in the torture we’re going thru?

I was holding back, if you can believe that. I work retail-- I can let it loose if I need it.

been goin since 2:40 to be exact

been goin since 2:40 to be exact

raises hand


I have been but I half slept while the server was down.

im sure he does anjoy e/b/aulms

since 12:59 EST.