Philips Plug and Play USB Webcam with Microphone – 2 Pack

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New Philips Plug and Play USB Webcam with Microphone - 2 Pack, for $12.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Philips SPC230NC/27 1.3mp Easy Plug and Play Webcam with Microphone

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There aren’t any reviews on Amazon yet, but here’s the link…

Hm, looks decent enough for my parent’s laptops.

NC needs to hurry up and light up. . . in for a 2 pack. Xmas

1.3MP? Bleh.

I’ve been waiting for these =D, I would be happy if I just got one for the price!
Look at it on ebay!

I don’t know about the webcam but the microphones that come with this are crap!

Can the microphone be used seperately from the webcam? I’d like to use it in some video games.

you know, right about now, usb webcams should have the mic integrated in. these mics were developed in 1990…

seriously. Off to bed. Thanks woot!

the webcam for ugly people, thats what i got from the description, lol

Does it work with Mac?

Interface: USB 1.1

Definite deal breaker. I was about to buy one for me and have an extra for x.mas but not with that slow connection.
Waiting for a 1TB extrenal hardrive for under $100-i am hoping to get one before christmas!

They come separate, get a nice pair of headphones for video games. You are going to need a free hand to use this mic, or yell.

just the kind of garbage i needed to buy my parents for xmas. :slight_smile:

Kids should not buy their parents webcams. Ever.

Unless you WANT to see them at when the eventual happens.

640×480 (.3 mp) for those that don’t want to look it up.

1.3 mp? so motorola razr quality images? interesting. but i dont even know why i looked, bought an xbox 360 earlier today and a cell phone yesterday. then this afternoon my credit card company called me to verify my purchases because of the spike in activity. i think im gonna stop buying for a lil while.

anyone have this? what are they like?