Philips Plug and Play USB Webcam with Microphone – 2 Pack

was gonna go for it…until I saw that is USB 1.0.

Wow hahah apparently the West Coast can see the beauty in this that the East Coasters cant (or so says the map right now at least)

For people who just want cheap gifts for others who don’t care too much about specs and just want something to get the job done, this is a pretty good Woot.

Do these work with Vista?

… wow your lucky to have a 10 mbs upload internet connection to use higher !!!

Yaa not 4 me, I heard these were crap, the mic @ least
and I bought a 2 fer @ neweg, Cyber Mndy and all

haha, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a few hours earlier over there then it is on the east coast… but no, you’re probably right what was i thinking…

anyone know if these are at least somewhat decent for the price?

does this work with macs?

got 1…def not for me but as a stocking stuffer lol

Still not sure whether I’ll buy, but a few notes that were relevant for my decision:

  1. USB 1.x is awfully slow for a flash drive, but actually not that slow for a webcam. Folks, don’t say “I won’t buy bcuz too slow, want USB 2.0” when there’s no good reason for the faster interface. Yes, I know it could slow down other USB usage on your system…but if you have everything plugged in and in use at once your system must look like a porcupine. Plug it in to make a Skype call, and then unplug it. How many USB 2.0 (really no fooling, not just claimed) webcams are there right now, anyway?

  2. Linux support is…well, “sort of”. Without one to play with I’m not 100% sure, but it looks as though this is supported by the pwc driver, which is…unsupported and contains a binary blob. Read on at
    and I respect what the pwc driver’s author says on that page. What that means to me, though, is that it’s much less likely that I can easily get these working with anything other than Windows…not a deal-breaker necessarily, but something that weighs in on the purchasing decision.



Any reviews for these out there? Or anyone have one of these? Kind of tempting to get since I’m looking for a pretty decent webcam for around this price. And give one away :]

My parents will like it. Now I just need to figure out who might want the other one for Christmas.

What’s the quality on these?

I need to know because I have acne on my back (backne) and don’t want the ladies seeing it when I do shows.

Is this good for making youtube videos?

When you make some videos, post them here:


anyone want to go in on one with me?

actually, I do have 5mbps upload.

But anyway, if that was the only problem with USB 1.0…why did USB 2.0 become the standard?

Specs say yes

Because it’s soo much faster at data transfer, something like 12mb vs. 400mb/sec?

i’m still a little unclear whether these webcams work for macs. Does anyone know, i’m sorry if it was answered early, but i dont know a lot about computers and i’m planning to get this as a stocking stuffer