Philips Portable DVD Player w/9” Dual Screens

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Philips Portable DVD Player w/9” Dual Screens


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we have these, or some iteration of them. they are wonderful, have great picture quality, decent sound, have managed to survive my 4 kids.

this might be a stupid question, i’ve never had one of these: but they have to by plugged in to work right? It’s not like a gps where you can charge it…?

I bought these brand new on Black Friday for the same price less shipping."+Widescreen+Portable+DVD+Player+with+Dual+Screens/9468952.p?skuId=9468952&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=9468952&ref=06&cmp=RMX&loc=01&id=1218110421046

$150 at Best Buy, pre-furbished :smiley:

sale image is a bit misleading–you will not be able to view different things on each screen, espically since the AV jacks on the secondary screen are propritary.

Look for one with standard RCA input jacks, then one kid can watch the movie on the main screen and the second can plug in a game system or those TV-Games joysticks.

They show an RCA to mini-plug splitter in the first pic,
not sure if that could be used to separately feed the secondary unit, but it looks like it could.

On the contrary, The “What’s included photo” shows the RCA adapter which can be used to input to the secondary screen.

I would be more concerned about the lack of a remote. Most of the main control buttons are on top of the primary player (and hard to reach if mounted on the back of a head rest).

It’s not super easy to find, but at my local electronic store (montreal, canada) they have both cable in stock (AV jack to RCA).

4 refurbished starting at $104.99 at Amazon + shipping, only 1 review:

Came out in 2009, links to product page:
including product manual:
and quick start guide:

I have an older model of these. You have to watch the same thing on both screens since the dvd player is only in one.

Yes, you can charge the main screen but it doesn’t last very long and you can’t charge the secondary screen.

We have this model in our minivan. Bought about a year ago on sale for about $100 at w-mart. Works well and a good value for the money, but one tradeoff is the lack of a remote control. The switches/buttons are difficult to access and nearly impossible to read when this is strapped tight against a headrest.

As with any strap-on system (simmer down now), cord management can be a problem. The connector between the master and slave isn’t long enough to run down between the seats, so the dangling cord tends to attract kids sleeves and backpacks. And the power cord somehow manages to get snagged at least once a month, which can damage the connectors.

Overall, a good buy. My preference is to either buy a decent, inexpensve strap-on like this Philips, or go for the (much) bigger bucks and install a roof-mounted system.

Doesn’t look like it will play DivX. Can anyone confirm?


Nope, according to Phillips product page…

Because they don’t have a remote, I don’t recommend them. If you stop the car, the movie turns off and getting back to the place the kids were in the movie proves to be problematic with no remote. I have these, and am very disappointed because of this. (PS–universals won’t work, either…)

Many vehicles, like my GMC Sierra, will still provide power when the car is not on. So that shouldn’t be an issue for some.

Our 10" Insignia just died (most likely from abuse) so this is great! Thanks Woot!

region free ???