Philips Portable DVD Player w/9” LCD

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Philips Portable DVD Player w/9" LCD
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I have one of these… it heats up so much I can make paninis and waffles with it!

WOOT,this is getting sick…2 of tihs, 4 of that, 1 of this, 6 of that…give us something of SUBSTANCE, at a GREAT price

My friends all have Blu-Rays, I must make amends…

What is a DVD?

Damn, just saw the bar move a sliver. We’re going to be here for awhile…


If only my kids wouldn’t destroy this in a day.

wow… that’s Great…
I’ve never known How to make paninis …
this will be a Major Score!!!

There’s a label on the front that says “power off to charge” does that mean it can’t be plugged in while playing? I have to play for a while, then charge for a while, then play for a while? seriously?

It goes too fast, it goes too slow…

There’s no making you people happy, is there?

I bought this new for my wife for $90. She loves it. I do too because I don’t have to watch the Twilight movies. :slight_smile:

people don’t buy something I don’t want, but I miss the chance to buy that camera. I am guessing that is all just a part of wooting.

Now that IS a great benefit! ;D

Your wife would love you more if you’d just bought her a laptop… :wink:

No worries, that camera wasn’t great anyway.

Ohmigod, those movies are HORRIBLE!! I made it through 30min before I had to quit.

You can use the power cord to Either play a DVD OR charge the player. It does not Charge and play a DVD at the same time.

Refurbs are sold at Amazon for $75, where this gets excellent reviews, especially noting the long battery life.

But Amazon returns are easy. If I have trouble with a Woot purchase, does Woot make returns relatively simple